Steve Silk

Created by James Brendan O'Sullivan (1919--) STEVE SILK is a former prizefighter turned un-licensed P.I., working out of what appears to be New York City, in a string of novels that ran for almost two decades, starting in 1945 with Death Came Late. Quick with a wisecrack and quicker with his fists, he dresses well … Continue reading Steve Silk

Michael Flynn (Flynn)

Created by Lyal Brown Another popular series from The Mystery Project on the CBC was Flynn, which enjoyed a 13-episode run in the mid-1990's.  In this one, MICHAEL FLYNN is a part-time private detective living on his boat in Vancouver.  A middle-aged drop-out from UBC Law School, he now lives on the Blarney Boy, a weather-beaten … Continue reading Michael Flynn (Flynn)

Sorry, pal…

Most likely it's not your fault. You haven't broken the internet. Chances are, the page you're looking for doesn't exist. At least not yet. Or at least not here. Maybe I changed the title. Maybe I simply zigged when I should have zagged. Maybe the page isn't quite ready for prime time. But most likely, you're … Continue reading Sorry, pal…

Marla Trent

Created by Henry Kane Pseudonyms include Anthony McCall, Kenneth R. McKay & Mario J. Sagola; house pseudonym include Ellery Queen (1918-88) MARLA TRENT, one of the first women eyes, first appeared in 1959's Private Eyeful, and later teamed up with author Kane's most famous character, "private richard" Pete Chambers, in 1962's Kisses of Death, and that … Continue reading Marla Trent

Sloane Monroe

Created by Cheryl Bradshaw Outdoorsy "sassy, headstrong" Utah private eye SLOANE MONROE isn't afraid to leave the pavement, especially with her hunky police officer boyfriend in tow, in this well-regarded (well) series of self-published thrillers which have drawn enthusiastic online comparisons at various time to everyone from Sue Grafton and Robert Parker to Mary Higgins Clark … Continue reading Sloane Monroe

The Rara-Avis Blown Away List of Hard-Boiled Writers

As compiled by Mark Blumenthal In December 1999, as the millennium drew to a close, Mark Blumenthal posed this question to the members of Rara-Avis, at the time the world's premier hard-boiled crime fiction discussion list: "What established hard boiled authors have ever you read whose work so blew you away on first exposure that you … Continue reading The Rara-Avis Blown Away List of Hard-Boiled Writers

Bill Lennox

Created by W.T. Ballard (Willis Todhunter Ballard)Pseudonyms include P. D. Ballard, Harrison Hunt, Neil MacNeil, John Shepherd(1903-80) “Just a friendly town... When the knife falls, everyone helps you down into the gutter.”-- Lennox ponders Hollywwood in "A Little Different" Here's another iconic private eye who's officially not a private eye, yet does pretty much everything … Continue reading Bill Lennox

Louis Simo (Hollywoodland)

Created by Paul Bernbaum For truth, justice and the American way... LOUIS SIMO is the fictional private eye set loose to investigate the mysterious real-life death of 1950s actor George Reeves in Hollywoodland, director Allen Coulter and writer Paul Bernbaum's ambitious 2006 release. It's actually two films, really, or rather two separate but interwoven stories, … Continue reading Louis Simo (Hollywoodland)

David Cleveland

Created by Dick Francis (1920-2010) DAVID CLEVELAND, the hero of Dick Francis' Slay Ride, a 1973 standalone, is the chief investigator for the British Jockey Club. There were a series of TV-movies, possibly Canadian-made, based on Francis's books, which used the Cleveland character as their continuing hero, substituting Cleveland for whoever actually served as the … Continue reading David Cleveland

Claudius Lyon & Arnie Woodbine

Created by Loren D. Estleman(1952--) "Are you familiar with the work of Rex Stout?" A great series of short stories by P.I. master Estleman, creator of Amos Walker, Valentino et al, is both homage and gentle parody of Rex Stout's beloved Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin. ARNIE WOODBINE is an ex-con who boasts that he's a … Continue reading Claudius Lyon & Arnie Woodbine