Private Eyes by the Number

P.I.s in Men's Adventure Books     Ah, those Men's Adventure novels of the seventies and eighties! To an Anglo kid growing up in the early seventies in the woodsy Quebec boondocks where English-language books were few and far between, a bi-weekly visit to the Greenfield Park shopping centre always included popping into--with my parent's permission--Book … Continue reading Private Eyes by the Number

Jerry “Renegade” Roe

Created by L.V. Roper Pseudonym of Lester Virgil Roper Other pseudonyms include Samantha Lester (1931-1998) "Meet Jerry 'Renegade' Roe---the greatest detective in New Orleans, and some say the world. He's a bourbon-belting, woman-chasing Cherokee Apollo, the daredevil partner of the Worth and Roe Detective Agency. And he thrives on unadulterated danger!" -- back cover blurbWhat … Continue reading Jerry “Renegade” Roe

Ruby Dark

Created by Bruce W. Most She's mean, she's ornery, she's seen fifty and doesn't care who knows it, and you better stay on her good side. She's RUBY DARK, a Lamborghini-driving, Denver-based widow who took over her husband's bail bond businessafter he was murdered. But this is no pearl-clutching widow woman--and you better not treat … Continue reading Ruby Dark

Ben Corbett

Created by Julius W. Long (1907-1955) "The D.A.'s bundler carrier, that's me. I crack the cases, and Keever gets the headlines." -- "Blind Bogey" Prolific pulpster Long--he seemed to be everywhere in the forties, with his name frequently splashed on pulp covers-- had two ongoing series. He wrote  about Clarence Darrow "Corpus Delecti" Mort, a … Continue reading Ben Corbett

Lawrence Block

(1938--) Pseudonyms include William Ard, Ben Christopher, Anne Campbell Clark, Lee Duncan, Jill Emerson, Chip Harrison, Paul Kavanagh, Sheldon Lord, Andrew Shaw, B.L. Lawrence, John Warren Wells "If Block were a serial killer instead of one of the best storytellers of our time, we'd be in real trouble." -- Publisher's Weekly LAWRENCE BLOCK just bugs … Continue reading Lawrence Block

“Beauty” Black

Created by Edward Ronns Pseudonym of Edward S. Aarons Other psedonyms include Paul Ayres (1916-1975) He may have been better known for his countless he-man Sam Durrell spy novels published by Fawcett Gold Medal under his real name, but Edward S. Aarons got his start pumping out fast-paced action short stories under various pen names … Continue reading “Beauty” Black

The Projectionist (Sherlock Jr.)

Created by Jean C. Havez, Joe Mitchell & Clyde Bruckman Okay, the silent film classic isn't really a private detective film, not really. But it's private eye adjacent, and it's something of a classic, regardless--you won't regret checking out this little bit of surrealistic slapstick. The great Buster Keaton plays a lowly film projectionist (and janitor) who only … Continue reading The Projectionist (Sherlock Jr.)

“Mac” Robinson

Created by Thomas B. Dewey Pseudonyms include Tom Brandt and Cord Wainer (1915-81) "It may be that the recent white Anglo-Saxon Christian struggle to canonize the informer will be lost in the rivers and back streets of America, where 'rat' is still spelled with three letters and the only way to save your life is … Continue reading “Mac” Robinson

J. Howard “Jigger” Moran

Created by John Roeburt (1909-72) JIGGER MORAN is a disbarred Illinois attorney and sometime-cabbie who now cruises the streets of Manhattan at night, keeping an eye open for the main chance, when he's not shooting craps. He takes cases no honest lawyer or P.I. would touch, and is on relatively good terms with several of … Continue reading J. Howard “Jigger” Moran

Jake Lomax

Created by Michael Allegretto (1944--) The Shamus-winning Death on the Rocks (1987) introduced former Denver cop JACOB "JAKE" LOMAX who becomes a private eye after his wife is brutally murdered. Looking for a cynical, wise-cracking hero to follow? Look no further... This is yet another overlooked gem of a series from the late eighties and … Continue reading Jake Lomax