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January 2022 Collections & Anthologies


December 2021 Collections & Anthologies

  • Bracken, Michael, editor, Mickey Finn Vol. 2: 21st Century Noir Kindle it!
    econd collection in the series–a crime-fiction cocktail guaranteed to knock readers into a literary stupor.  Featuring nineteen new stories from the likes of Trey R. Barker, John Bosworth, Michael Bracken, Scott Bradfield, S.M. Fedor, Nils Gilbertson, J.D. Graves, James A. Hearn, Janice Law, Hugh Lessig, Gabe Morran, Rick Ollerman, Josh Pachter, Robert Petyo, Stephen D. Rogers, Albert Tucher, Joseph S. Walker, Sam Wiebe, and Stacy Woodson

November 2021 Collections & Anthologies

October 2021 Collections & Anthologies

  • Burke, Alafair, editor, The Best American Mystery and Suspense 2021 (anthology) Buy this book | Buy the audio Kindle it!
    Series editor Steph Cha and guest editor Alafair Burke take over the series, with a stellar collection that includes stories from Gar Anthony Haywood, Gabino Iglesias, Aya De León, Laura Lippman, Delia C. Pitts, Alex Segura, Lisa Unger and more.Ain’t it swell that we now have two annual collections? 
  • Cody, Liza, My People and Other Crime Stories (collection) Buy this book Kindle it!
    A collection of short crime stories from one of the greats, including “Day or Night,” a touching tribute to Anna Lee, Cody’s London private eye, one of the first (and best) lady dicks of the modern era.
  • Westmoreland, Mark, Trouble No More (anthology)  Kindle it!
    Turn it up. A collection of crime stories inspired by Southern Rock by the likes of C.W. Blackwell, Jerry Bloomfield, S.A. Cosby, Nikki Dolson, Michel Lee Garrett, James D.F. Hannah, Jessica Laine, Brian Panowich, Rob Pierce, J.B. Stevens, Chris Swann, Art Taylor, Joseph S. Walker and more.

September 2021 Collections & Anthologies

  • Child, Lee, The Mysterious Bookshop Presents the Best Mystery Stories of the Year 2021 (anthology) Buy this book Kindle it!
    Otto (and Michele) are back in the saddle, this time with Lee Child, with the second edition of their whole new thang. With stories from
    Alison Gaylin, David Morrell, James Lee Burke, Joyce Carol Oates, Sara Paretsky, Stephen King and others, plus a posthumous goodie from Sue Grafton. Ain’t it swell that we now have two annual collections? 
  • Collins, Max Allan, & Barbara, Suspense—His & Hers: Tales of Love and Murder Kindle it!
    It’s a family affair, as the Collinses serve up an eclectic new sampler of short stories, full of murder and mayhem, written individually and together, including stories featuring Quarry, Ms. Tree and… Marilyn Monroe?
  • Pachter, Josh, editor, Monkey Business: Crime Fiction Inspired by the Films of the Marx Brothers Buy this book Kindle it!
    Possibly too much monkey business for me to be involved in, but this collection rounds up new stories by the likes of Donna Andrews, Frankie Y. Bailey, Jeff Cohen, Lesley A. Diehl, Brendan DuBois, Terence Faherty, Barb Goffman, Joseph Goodrich, Robert Lopresti, Sandra Murphy, Robert J. Randisi, Marilyn Todd, Joseph S. Walker, and some guy called Josh.
  • Rennison, Nick, editor, American Sherlocks (anthology) Buy this book Kindle it!
    ifteen short detective stories written between 1890 and 1920, including tales by Melville Davisson Post, George Barton, Ellis Parker Butler, Samuel Gardenhire, Anthony M. Rud, John R. Coryell, , Anna Katherine Green, Arthur B. Reeve and Hugh Cosgro Weir.

August 2021 Collections & Anthologies

  • Cohen, Octavus Roy, Jim Hanvey, Detective (Jim Hanvey) (r) Buy this book Kindle it!
    Reprint of classic 1921 collection of stories featuring backwoods detective Hanvey, with introduction by our pal Leslie S. Klinger.
  • Doherty, Jim, The Big Game and Other Crime Stories (non-P.I.; Dan Sullivan) Buy this book Kindle it!
    Tales from behind the badge.
  • Various, Tough 2 (anthology)  Buy this book
    Hard-boiled crime by Michael Bracken, Alec Cizak, S.A. Cosby, Evelyn DeShane, Tia J’anae, Nick Kolakowski, Preston Lang, Matt Mattilla, Chris McGinley, Thomas Pluck, C.A. Rowland, Rob McClure Smith, William R. Soldan, Mary Thorson and Andrew Welsh-Huggins.
  • Womack, Steven, Music City Murders (Harry James DentonKindle it!
    Collects all six novels.

July 2021 Collections & Anthologies

  • Child, Lee, A Little Gold Book of Unconsidered Trifles (collection) | Buy the book
    A limited edition of odds and sods, fiction, non-fiction and snippets from the (now retired) creator of Jack Reacher.
  • Davis, Norbert, The Price of a Dime: The Complete Black Mask Cases of Ben Shaley (Ben ShaleyBuy this book
  • Daly, Carroll John, The Man in the Shadows: The Complete Black Mask Cases of Terry Mack (Terry MackBuy this book
  • Dent, Lester, Luck: The Complete Black Mask Cases of Oscar Sail (Oscar SailBuy this book 
  • Penzler, Otto, editor, Golden Age Detective Stories (anthology) Buy this book | Kindle it!
    An impressive collection of mid-century murder, by the likes of Ellery Queen, Mary Roberts Rinehart, Cornell Woolrich, Erle Stanley Gardner, Anthony Boucher and more.
  • Page, Norvell W., Black Harvest: The Complete Black Mask Cases of Jules Tremaine (Jules TremaineBuy this book 
  • Prather, Richard, Shell Scott PI Mystery Series, Volume Four (Shell ScottKindle it!
    Includes Dead Heat, Joker in the Deck, The Cockeyed Corpse, The Trojan Hearse, Dead Man’s Walk, Kill Him Twice and The Kubla Khan Caper.
  • Tinsley, Theodore A., South Wind: The Complete Black Mask Cases of Jerry Tracy (Jerry TracyBuy this book
  • Whitfield, Raoul, Laughing Death (non-P.I.; aviation adventure)  Buy this book

June 2021 Collections & Anthologies

  • Chaber, M.E., The Twisted Trap: Six Milo March Stories (Milo MarchBuy this book | Kindle it!
    Long-awaited collection of stories from men’s magazines featuring Milo March, the hot-to-trot insurance investigator and secret agent.
  • Prather, Richard, Shell Scott PI Mystery Series, Volume Three (Shell ScottKindle it!
    Includes Slab Happy, Take a Murder Darling, Over Her Dear Body, Dance With The Dead, Dig That Crazy Grave, Shell Scott’s Seven Slaughters and Kill The Clown.
  • Rausch, Andy, editor, Dead-End Jobs: A Hitman Anthology (anthology) Buy this bookKindle it!
    Lotsa hits in this one. Stories by Joe R. Lansdale, Max Allan Collins, Paul D. Brazil, Nikki Dolson, Chris Miller, Stephen Spignesi and others.

May 2021 Collections & Anthologies

  • Block, Lawrence, Collectibles | Buy this book
    Mystery geeks and collectors should keep an eye peeled for this collection of crime tales about… collecting, by some of our best crime writers. With obsession-drenched stories by Joyce Carol Oates, Dennis Lehane,  S.J. Rozan, Thomas Pluck, S.A. Crosby, Lee Goldberg, Joe R. Lansdale, Alex Segura and more.
  • Collins, Max Allan, Double Down (Nolan) (r)  | Buy this book |  Kindle it!
    Reprints two early Nolan novels.
  • Haring, Don, One More for the Road/The Weirdos (Larry Kent) (r) Buy this book
  • Prather, Richard, Shell Scott PI Mystery Series, Volume Two (Shell ScottKindle it!
    Includes: Always Leave ‘Em Dying, Too Many Crooks, Pattern For Panic, Strip For Murder, The Wailing Frail, Have Gat – Will Travel and Three’s a Shroud.
  • White, Lionel, Steal Big/The Big Caper (non-P.I.) (r) | Buy this book
    A Stark House two-fer.

April 2021 Collections & Anthologies

  • King, Stephen, If It Bleeds (collection) (r) Buy this book | Buy the audio Kindle it!
    Four new novellas from the master of horror, including the lead story featuring P.I. Holly Gibney.
  • Pachter, Josh, editor, Only the Good Die Young (anthology) Buy this book Kindle it!
    Crime fiction inspired by the songs of, uh, Billy Joel? That may be a crime itself! But perfect for those who don’t want clever conversation, I guess. Contributors include Michael Bracken,  David Dean, John M. Floyd, Barb Goffman, James D.F. Hannah, Richard Helms, Robert Lopresti, Richie Narvaez, and more.
  • Prather, Richard, Shell Scott PI Mystery Series, Volume One (Shell ScottKindle it!
    Includes: The Case of the Vanishing Beauty, Bodies In Bedlam, Everybody Had a Gun, Find This Woman, Dagger of Flesh, Darling It’s Death and Way of a Wanton.
  • Various, Crimeucopia: We’re All Animals Under The Skin (anthology) Buy this book Kindle it!

March 2021 Collections & Anthologies

February 2021 Collections & Anthologies

  • Goldberg, Tod, The Low Desert: Gangster Stories (non-P.I. crime stories) Buy this book Kindle it!
  • Ollerman, Rick, Bullets and Other Hurting Things: A Tribute to Bill Crider (anthology)  | Buy this book Kindle it!
    A slew of Bill’s writing pals pay to the gentleman from Texas with some tall tales of their own, including William Kent Krueger, Bill Pronzini, Joe R. Lansdale, Patricia Abbott, Ben Boulden, Michael Bracken, Jen Conley, Brendan DuBois, Charlaine Harris, David Housewright, Kasey Lansdale, Angela Crider Neary, James Reasoner, James Sallis, Terry Shames, S. A. Solomon, Sara Paretsky, Robert J. Randisi, SJ Rozan, and Eryk Pruitt. I wish I’d been invited to this party.
  • Pachter, Josh, editor, The Great Filling Station Holdup (anthology) Buy this book Kindle it!
    Crime Fiction Inspired by the Songs of Jimmy Buffett. Includes new stories from Parrotheads Josh Pachter, Rick Ollerman , Michael Bracken, Lissa Marie Redmond , Elaine Viets , Robert J. Randisi , Neil Plakcy and more.
  • Pool, Michael, & Hunter Eden, Crimson Smile/The Path of the Jackals (Rick Malone/1: Fennec Suleiman) Kindle it!
    A P.I. Tales Double

January 2021 Collections & Anthologies

  • Neely, Richard, The Plastic Nightmare/While Love Lay Sleeping (1: Gus KleinBuy this book | Kindle it!
    From Stark House, classic reprints, including basis for the film Shattered.
  • Various, Black Cat Mystery Magazine #8 (magazine) Buy this book | Kindle it!
    Includes new stories from Jon Matthew Farber, M.A. Monnin, John M. Floyd, Elizabeth Zelvin, D.V. Bennet, Barb Goffman and Donald Barr Chidsey.
  • Various, Guns & Tacos, Vol. 3 (collection; non-P.I.) Buy this book | Kindle it!
    New crime stories by Michael Bracken, Trey R. Barker, Eric Beetner & Alec Cizak.


December 2020 Collections & Anthologies

  • Bracken, Michael, editor, Mickey Finn, Vol. 1: 21st Century Noir (anthology) | Buy this book Kindle it!
    Twenty shots of noir, served straight up, courtesy of J.L. Abramo, Ann Aptaker, Trey R. Barker, Michael Bracken, Barb Goffman, David Hagerty, James A. Hearn, David H. Hendrickson, Jarrett Kaufman, Mark R. Kehl, Hugh Lessig, Steve Liskow, Alan Orloff, Josh Pachter, Steve Rasnic Tem, Mikal Trimm, Bev Vincent, Joseph S. Walker, Andrew Welsh-Huggins, and Stacy Woodson.
  • Collins, Max Allan, Blue Christmas & Other Holiday Homicides (collection) (r) Buy this book Kindle it!
  • Chaber, M.E., The Twisted Trap: Six Milo March Stories (collection; Milo March)
  • Danquah, Nana-Ama, editor, Accra Noir (Akashic noir)  | Buy this book Kindle it!
  • Haring, Don, Spanish Harlem/Mona Lethal (Larry Kent) (r)  Buy this book | Kindle it!
  • Keene, Day, Dead Man’s Tide/The Dangling Carrot/The Big Kiss-Off (non-P.I.) | Buy this book
    Another great hattrick of pulp reprints from Stark House.
  • Zafiro, Frank, Sugar Got Low (noir collection)  Buy this book | Kindle it!

November 2020 Collections & Anthologies

October 2020 Collections & Anthologies

  • Ivanović, Milorad , editor, Belgrade Noir (Akashic noir) | Buy this book Kindle it!
  • Malmon, Kate, Revenge of the Widow Malmon (anthology) | Buy this book | Kindle it!
    Fuck MS! The widow Malmon seeks revenge. New stories for a good cause, featuring Jordan Harper, S.A. Cosby, J.J. Hensley, Joe Clifford, Sean Chercover, Aimee Hix and more!
  • Neville, Stuart, The Traveler & Other Stories (non-P.I. collection) | Buy this book Kindle it!
  • Penzler, Otto, editor, The Big Book of Espionage (non-P.I.; anthology) | Buy this book Kindle it!
    This year’s doorstep anthology from Penzler rounds up recently declassified tales of spies, moles, secret agents, double agents and triple-dog-dare agents, by Lee Child, Jospeh Finder, Ian Fleming, Sara Paretsky, Jeffrey Deaver and other assets.
  • Various, Black Cat Magazine #7: Special Private Eye Issue (periodical) | Buy this book | Kindle it!
    This one sucker-punched me! What a great collection! With stories from Robert Lopresti, Josh Pachter, Andrew Welsh-Huggins, Bev Vincent, John M. Floyd, Graham Powell, O’Neil De Noux, E.E. King, Robert Jeschonek and a classic reprint by Fletcher Flora.
  • Various, Hoosier Noir: Two (anthology) | Buy this book | Kindle it!
    The second big issue includes stories Don Stoll, Marianne Halbert, Serena Jayne, Stephen J. Golds, C.W. Blackwell, Michael Bracken, Zakariah Johnson, and Joseph S. Walker.

September 2020 Collections & Anthologies

  • Brown, Fredric, The Complete Ed & Am Hunter Mysteries (Ed & Am Hunter)
    Prestigious two-volume set from Haffner Press, with an introduction by Jack Seabrook.
  • Child, Lee, editor, The Nicotine Chronicles (anthology) | Buy this book Buy the audio  Kindle it!
    Heroin, cocaine, speed, marijuana–Akashic finally unleashes an antho about a real killer… featuring new stories  by Lee Child, Joyce Carol Oates, Jonathan Ames, Eric Bogosian, Michael Imperioli, Bernice L. McFadden, Cara Black, Jerry Stah and more.
  • McAleer, Andrew, & Paul D. Marks, eds, Coast to Coast Noir: From Sea to Shining Sea (anthology) | Buy this book Kindle it!
    Another solid collection, featuring stories from Colleen Collins, Brendan DuBois, Alison Gaylin, Andrew McAleer, Michael Mallory, Paul D. Marks, Dennis Palumbo, Stephen D. Rogers, John Shepphird, Beth Terrell and Dave Zeltserman.
  • Mosley, Walter, The Awkward Black Man (collection; non-P.I.) | Buy this book Kindle it!
    A collection of his non-crime short fiction.

August 2020 Collections & Anthologies

July 2020 Collections & Anthologies

  • Bellem, Robert Leslie, & John Wooley, Homicide Highball: The Lost Dan Turner Movie Script (Dan Turner) | Buy this book | Kindle it!
    Includes Bellem’s original story, “Homicide Highball”, plus Wooley’s original script for the 1990 film.
  • Champion, D.L., Murder Costs Money: The Complete Black Mask Cases of Rex Sackler (Rex SacklerBuy this book
    Intro by Ed Hulse, illustrated by Peter Kuhlhoff, cover by Rafael DeSoto.
  • Constiner, Merle, Let the Dead Alone: The Complete Black Mask Cases of Luther McGavock, Vol. 1 (Luther McGavockBuy this book
  • Lybeck, Ed, Dead Evidence: The Complete Black Mask Cases of Harrigan (HarriganBuy this book
    Intro by Will Murray, illustrated by Arthur Rodman Bowker, cover by Jes Schlaikjer
  • Reeves, Robert, Dead and Done For: The Complete Black Mask Cases of Cellini Smith (Cellini SmithBuy this book
    Intro by Kenneth S. White, cover by Rafael DeSoto
  • Various, Pulp Adventures #36 (periodical) Buy this book
    This issue includes a rare story by Erle Stanley Gardner, plus new and classic fiction from Michael A. Wexler, Robert J. Mendenhall, E. C. Tubb, Charles Boeckman, Earle Basinsky, Conrad Adamson; and Steven L. Rowe.

June 2020 Collections & Anthologies

May 2020 Collections & Anthologies

  • Block, Lawrence, editor, The Darkling Halls of Ivy (anthology) Buy this book Kindle it!
    A semester’s worth of academia-themed murder & mayhem, by Ian Rankin, Joe Lansdale, Reed Farrel Coleman, Gar Anthony Haywood, Tod Goldberg, David Morrell and others.
  • Dennis, Ralph, Hardman Volume 1: The First Six Novels (Jim Hardman & Hump Evans) | Kindle it!
  • Dennis, Ralph, Hardman Volume 2: Seven Complete Novels (Jim Hardman & Hump Evans) | Kindle it!
  • Dennis, Ralph, The Complete Hardman: All 13 Novels (Jim Hardman & Hump Evans) | Kindle it!
  • Thompson, Jerry, & Owen Hill, eds., Berkeley Noir (Akashic noir) Buy this book | Kindle it!
  • Various, Shotgun Honey Presents Volume 4: Recoil (periodical) Buy this book | Kindle it!
    Twenty-three tales of crime that will hit so hard that the recoil will be felt long after the stories are done, with stories by Rusty Barnes, Jen Conley, Barbara DeMarco-Barrett , Nick Kolakowski , David Nemeth, Johnny Shaw, Kieran Shea and more.

April 2020 Collections & Anthologies

  • Ballinger, Bill, The Tooth and the Nail/The Wife of the Red-Haired Man (non-P.I.; noir twofer) Buy this book Kindle it!
  • Corris, Peter, See You at the Toxteth (collection) Buy this bookKindle it!
    Now in print! A round-up of some of the best stories featuring Sydney P.I. Cliff Hardy, plus a selection of Corris’ non-fiction columns on the world of crime and crime writing, along with his “ABC of Crime Writing.” 
  • Hodder, Mark, editor, Sexton Blake and the Great War (Sexton Blake; collection) Buy this book
    Includes The Case Of The Naval Manoeuvres, On War Service and Private Tinker.
  • King, Stephen, If It Bleeds (collection) Buy this book | Buy the audio Kindle it!
    Four new novellas from the master of horror, including the lead story featuring P.I. Holly Gibney.
  • Lansdale, Joe R., Of Mice and Minestrone (Hap Collins & Leonard PineBuy this book Kindle it!
    Some new stories, some favorite recipes (by Kasey Lansdale), and an intro by Kathleen Kent.
  • Lynch, Jack, The Complete Bragg (collection; Jack BraggKindle it!
    Collects all eight novels.
  • Muller, Marcia, & Bill Pronzini, eds., Deadly Anniversaries (MWA AnthologyBuy this book | Buy the audio Kindle it!
    To mark their 75th anniversary, the MWA unleashes 19 tales of anniversaries gone bad, edited by one of the great married couples of crime fiction.
  • Noble, Don, editor, Alabama Noir (Akashic noir) Buy this book | Kindle it!
  • Pachter, Josh, editor, The Misadventures of Nero Wolfe: Parodies & Pastiches Featuring the Great Detective of West 35th Street (anthology) Buy this book | Kindle it!
  • Pachter, Josh, editor, The Beat of Black Wings: Crime Fiction Inspired by the Songs of Joni Mitchell (anthology) | Kindle it!
    Includes stories by Art Taylor, Michael Bracken, Marilyn Todd, Greg Herren and a slew of others. A better investment than a  little money riding on the Maple Leafs.
  • Winslow, Don, Broken (collection) Buy this book | Buy the audio Kindle it!
    Long-awaited collection, including a Boone Daniels story.
  • The Great Radio Private Eyes (OTR collection) | Buy the audio
    Almost ten hours of detective show’s from radio’s Golden Age, including epiosodes of 
    Bulldog Drummond, Candy Matson, The Falcon, Pat Novak, Michael Shayne, Richard Diamond, Philo Vance, Christopher London, Mr. Keen, Philip Marlowe, Let George Do It, Rex Saunders, Barrie Craig, Danger With Grainger, Sherlock Holmes, Casebook Of Gregory Hood, Boston Blackie, Jeff Regan, Investigator, Sam Spade and Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar.

March 2020 Collections & Anthologies

February 2020 Collections & Anthologies

  • Block, Lawrence, The Burglar in Short Order (Bernie Rhodenbarr) Buy this book Buy the audio Kindle it!
  • Brackman, Lisa, & Matt Coyle, editors, Crossing Borders (anthology) Buy this book | Kindle it!
    The San Diego Chapter of Sisters in Crime present stories that cross the line.
  • Edwards, Martin, editor, The Measure of Malice: Scientific Detection Stories (collection) Buy this book | Kindle it!
    A sterling collection of classic detective stories by the likes of R. Austin Freeman, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Edmund Crispin, Dorothy L. Sayers and others, featuring some of the “masters of scientific deduction.”
  • Kimani, Peter, editor, Nairobi Noir (Akashic noir) Buy this book | Kindle it!
  • Various, The Private Eye Super Pack (collection) Kindle it!
    A Brash Books bundle of six complete private eye novels. Includes Atlanta Deathwatch by Ralph Dennis, Hail Storme by W.L. Ripley, The Low End Of Nowhere by Michael Stone, The Black Glove by Geoffrey Miller, Death Is Forever by Maxine O’Callaghan and The Dead Never Forget by Jack Lynch.
  • Various, Hoosier Noir: One (anthology) | Buy this book | Kindle it!
    A new mag from Indiana, featuring writers from that state. This first issue includes Les Edgerton, Don Stoll, Preston Lang, and many more, as well as Michael Mullen photography, an Author Spotlight on Alec Cizak, and an exclusive interview with Rex Weiner.
  • Westlake, Donald, Double Feature (non-P.I., Hard Case Crime) (r) | Buy this book | Kindle it!
    Reprints A Travesty and Ordo.
  • Pulp Adventures #34: City of the Dead Paperback (periodical) | Buy this book
    Another shot of new and classic pulp, with stories by William M. Hope, William Decatur, Robert Leslie Bellem (Dan Turner!), Logan Robichaud, Adam Beau McFarlane, Patti Boeckman, Sharla Wilkin, Charles Burgess and Ron Reikki.


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