“Oh mama I got dem cosmic anthropomorphic P.I. blues again…”

Going to the dogs, the cats and worse Yeah, Chandler said "Down these mean streets a man must go." He never mentioned cats. Or hippos. Or horses. Or giraffes...The creators of the following eyes apparently didn't get the memo. But to tell the truth, the craze for anthropomorphic detectives is starting to smell a little … Continue reading “Oh mama I got dem cosmic anthropomorphic P.I. blues again…”

“Give the Woman Credit”

By John Swan Featuring John Swan Fall 2001 "Jezus H. How can she do that?" "Practice," Meg says matter-of-factly, watching the video monitor parked in a cracked bookshelf across from my desk. I'm warming the squeaky-wheeled chair behind the desk, my head cranked sidewise for the action on screen. "Yeah but still..." Meg's barely listening. She's … Continue reading “Give the Woman Credit”

“Babes and Bullets” by Lou Rawls

1989, Words and Music by Desiree Goyette and Ed Bogas Performed by Lou Rawls Hardly the most impressive track from Lou Rawls' long and distinguished career, but this little earworm served its purpose.  Clocking in at just a minute and change, it was the theme (and only song) in the 1989 animated television special, Garfield's … Continue reading “Babes and Bullets” by Lou Rawls

They Also Served: Richard Lillis

Artist & Illustrator (1899-94)   One of the earlier pulp artists (he was young enough to serve in the first World War), RICHARD LILLIS was born in 1899 in Oxford, New York, the son of dairy farmers who ran a small grocery store on their property. He managed to attend an upstate New York college for … Continue reading They Also Served: Richard Lillis

They Also Served: H.J. Ward

Artist & Illustrator (1909-45)    Despite his short life (he died of lung cancer at the age of 35), HUGH JOSEPH WARD cut a wide swath, responsible for some off the most sensational and iconic pulp mag covers of all time, working for Munsey, Dell and Popular, but mostly for Culture Publication's notorious Spicy line--which … Continue reading They Also Served: H.J. Ward

Dare to Judge This Book

Some Great Pulp & Paperback Cover Artists "... the covers were sometimes printed in advance, before there was a story. So what the editor did was show me the cover or a drawing - it was usually a picture of a half-naked woman and someone stripping the rest of her clothes off her. And on … Continue reading Dare to Judge This Book

Death Flags a Cab

Taxi-Driving Eyes (and Limos Too!) Steve Midnight by John K. Butler (Los Angeles) Fitzroy Maclean Angel by Mike Ripley (London) Walker Devereaux by James W. Nichol Ben Henry by Mike Weiss Jigger Moran by John Roeburt Red Diamond by Mark Schorr (Long Island, New York) Gascoyne by Stanley Crawford Alphabet Hicks by Rex Stout (New … Continue reading Death Flags a Cab

The Dick of the Day

Are you dying for a detective? Pining for a P.I.?  Searching for a shamus? Gagging for a gumshoe? Everyday, we're going to scratch that itch for ya. Why? Because... we care.. April 19, 2021James Hazell by P.B. YuillApril 18, 2021Max Latin by Norbert DavisApril 17, 2021Toussaint Marcus Moore by Ed LacyApril 16, 2021Wilson by Mike … Continue reading The Dick of the Day

It’s a Family Affair…

Down these mean steeets a man (or a woman) must go... along with a spouse, maybe a son or daughter, a couple of siblings, possbly a few grandkids, and a few in-laws... Family-Owned Detective Agencies The Lunghis by Michael Z. LewinPapa Lunghi (father), Mama Lunghi (mother), Salvatore Lunghi (son), Angelo Lunghi (son), Rosetta Lunghi (daughter), … Continue reading It’s a Family Affair…

Best Detective Stories of the Year

Anthology Series, 1946-81 Originally published by E.P. Dutton & Company in 1946 to celebrate the "best" short crime stories of 1945, and edited by David C. Cooke, the very first volume set the tone for this long-running series, making it a point to not shy away from the darker side of the street. That original … Continue reading Best Detective Stories of the Year