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  • Child, Lee, The Mysterious Bookshop Presents the Best Mystery Stories of the Year 2021 (anthology) Kindle it!
    Otto (and Michele) ride again.
  • Dowdall, Anna, April on Paris Street (Ashley Smeeton)
  • Estleman, Loren D., Cutthroat Dogs (Amos Walker) | Kindle it!
  • Lupica, Mike, Stone’s Throw (non-P.I.; Jesse Stone) | Kindle it!
  • McIlvanney, William, & Ian Rankin, The Dark Remains (non-P.I.; DI Laidlaw) Kindle it!

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May 2021 Digital

  • Abrams, Stacey, While Justice Sleeps (non-P.I.; 1: Avery Keene) Kindle it!
  • Barclay, Linwood, Find You First (non-P.I.) Kindle it!
  • Bouchard, Roxanne, The Coral Bride (non-P.I.; Joaquin Moralès) Kindle it!
  • Collins, Max Allan, Double Down (Nolan) (r)  |  Kindle it!
    Reprints two early Nolan novels.
  • Deaver, Jeffrey, The Final Twist (Colter Shaw) Kindle it!
  • Gordon, David, Against the Law  (Joe the Bouncer) Kindle it!
  • Housewright, David, What Doesn’t Kill Us (Mac McKenzie) Kindle it!
  • Jenning, Patrick, The Long Winding Road of Harry Raymond (biography) Kindle it!
    A real-life 
    detective’s journey down the mean streets of pre-war Los Angeles, and possibly Chandler’s inspiration for Marlowe.
  • Jones, Stephen Mack, Dead of Winter (August Snow)  | Kindle it!
  • Lupica, Mike, Payback (Sunny Randall Kindle it!
  • Mertz, Stephen, Homicide: Saigon (1: Cord McGavin; non-P.I.) | Kindle it!
  • Paar, Howard, Top Rankin’ (non-P.I.; punk noir) Kindle it!
  • Prather, Richard, Shell Scott PI Mystery Series, Volume Two (Shell ScottKindle it!
    Includes: Always Leave ‘Em Dying, Too Many Crooks, Pattern For Panic, Strip For Murder, The Wailing Frail, Have Gat – Will Travel and Three’s a Shroud.
  • Silverman, Brian, Freedom Drop (1: Len Buonfiglio) Kindle it!
  • Swinson, David, City on the Edge (non-P.I.) Kindle it!
  • Talton,Jon, City of Dark Corners (1: Gene Hammons) Kindle it!
  • Tapper, Jake, The Devil May Dance (non-P.I.)  Kindle it!
  • Terlson, Craig, Manistique (Luke Fischer)  | Kindle it!
  • Ward, Nathan, Ashes of My Youth (non-P.I.; historical noir) |  Kindle it!

April 2021 Digital

March 2021 Digital

February 2021 Digital

  • Ames, Dan, Hit Them Fast Hit Them Hard (Jack Reacher’s Special Investigators) Kindle it!
  • Ames, Dan, Never Forgive Never Forget (Jack Reacher’s Special Investigators) Kindle it!
  • Dezenhall, Eric, False Light (1: Fuse Petty) |  Kindle it!
  • Finch, Charles, An Extravagant Death (Charles Lenox) | Kindle it!
  • Goldberg, Tod, The Low Desert: Gangster Stories (non-P.I. crime stories) Kindle it!
  • Grillo, Ioan, Blood Gun Money: How America Arms Gangs & Cartels (true crime) Kindle it!
    Is murder and violence our best-selling export?
  • Gumpaw, Felix, The First Case (1: Rider Woofson & The PI Pack) | Kindle it!
  • Gumpaw, Felix, The Tiger’s Eye (Rider Woofson & The PI Pack) | Kindle it!
  • Harper, James, Legacy of Lies (Evan Buckley) |  Kindle it!
  • Hart, John, The Unwilling (non-P.I.) | Kindle it!
  • Ide, Joe, Smoke (I.Q.) | Kindle it!
  • Koryta, Michael, Never Far Away (non-P.I.) Kindle it!
  • Mosley, Walter, Blood Grove (Easy Rawlins!) | Kindle it!
  • Ollerman, Rick, editor,  Bullets and Other Hurting Things: A Tribute to Bill Crider (anthology) Kindle it!
    A slew of his writing pals pay tribute to the gentleman from Texas with some tall tales of their own, including William Kent Krueger, Bill Pronzini, Joe R. Lansdale, Patricia Abbott, Ben Boulden, Michael Bracken, Jen Conley, Brendan DuBois, Charlaine Harris, David Housewright, Kasey Lansdale, Angela Crider Neary, James Reasoner, James Sallis, Terry Shames, S. A. Solomon, Sara Paretsky, Robert J. Randisi, SJ Rozan, and Eryk Pruitt. I wish I’d been invited to this party.
  • Orgain, Diana, Prams and Poison (Kate Connolly) Kindle it!
  • Pace, Ray, Disappearing Act: A Las Vegas Love Story, Sort of… (non-P.I.) |  Kindle it!
  • Pachter, Josh, editor, The Great Filling Station Holdup (anthology) Kindle it!
    Crime Fiction Inspired by the Songs of Jimmy Buffett. 
  • Pitts, Delia C., Murder My Past (S.J. Rook) |  Kindle it!
  • Pool, Michael, & Hunter Eden, Crimson Smile/The Path of the Jackals (Rick Malone/1: Fennec Suleiman) Kindle it!
    A P.I. Tales Double
  • Shnayerson, Michael, Bugsy Siegel: The Dark Side of the American Dream (biography) Kindle it!
  • Stabenow, Dana, Spoils of the Dead (non-P.I.; Liam Campbell) Kindle it!

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(nv) = novella
(r) = reprint.
(ss) = short story.


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