Colter Shaw

Created by Jeffrey Deaver

In The Never Game (2019), horror/thriller writer Jeffrey Deaver launched a new series featuring oddball COLTER SHAW, the extremely competent son of a tight-knit survivalist family in remote California, which has left him with, as they say, a “very particular set of skills.”

Colter’s not exactly a detective, though–he’s more of a tracker, specializing in traveling the country (he’s got a bad case of wanderlust) to help police solve crimes and private citizens locate missing persons.

If it pays enough.

He calls himself a “reward seeker.”

Colter might be a weirdo, but his compelling background, and plots with more tangles than a pillowcase of Slinkys–like, some whack job collecting people to act out scenes from a video game — ought to be enough to satisfy most readers.


Deaver, of course, is the international bestselling author of a slew novels and short stories, best known for his Lincoln Rhyme books, about a forensic consultant for the police. His books are sold in 150 countries and translated into 25 languages. He’s received or been shortlisted for a number of awards around the world, including Novel of the Year by the International Thriller Writers and the Steel Dagger from the Crime Writers’ Association in the United Kingdom. In 2014, he was the recipient of three lifetime achievement awards., which means he’ll outlive us all.



  • “The Second Hostage” (March 2020, digital) | Kindle it!
  • “Forgotten” (March 2021, digital) | Kindle it!
  • “The Deadline Clock” (September 2022, digital) | Kindle it!
Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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