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This site focusses on the detectives; not, for the most part, on their creators, or, as WB head Jack Warner so elegantly put it, those “schmucks with Underwoods.”

Still, sometimes an author’s work can’t really be covered solely by a discussion of his or her creations. In some cases, their work is so significant and/or influential that they just can’t be ignored. Like the authors listed below.

And don’t worry — I’m not forgetting foreign-language writers, who are a stepping stone to a vast new world of P.I. literature you may not be aware of.

Non-English Writers

Expand your horizons!

Respectfully compiled by Kevin Burton Smith.


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  1. Great job on the page about Rex Stout, but you’ve triggered one of my pet peeves by referring to “McCarthy’s HUAC.” The House Committee on Unamaerican Activities (which really should have been abbreviated HCUA — thank you doofus journalists) was a committee of the House of Representatives. It had nothing to do with Senator Joseph McCarthy, who was a SENATOR. Also, your tidy bio of Stout might have mentioned that Stout was a supporter of the Vietnam War, and regarded the opponents of it in the same vein as the opponents of the US entering World War II. But it’s a minor blemish. Thanks.

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