“Oh mama I got dem cosmic anthropomorphic P.I. blues again…”

Going to the dogs, the cats and worse Yeah, Chandler said "Down these mean streets a man must go." He never mentioned cats. Or hippos. Or horses. Or giraffes...The creators of the following eyes apparently didn't get the memo. But to tell the truth, the craze for anthropomorphic detectives is starting to smell a little … Continue reading “Oh mama I got dem cosmic anthropomorphic P.I. blues again…”

Dare to Judge This Book

Some Great Pulp & Paperback Cover Artists "... the covers were sometimes printed in advance, before there was a story. So what the editor did was show me the cover or a drawing - it was usually a picture of a half-naked woman and someone stripping the rest of her clothes off her. And on … Continue reading Dare to Judge This Book

Death Flags a Cab

Taxi-Driving Eyes (and Limos Too!) Steve Midnight by John K. Butler (Los Angeles) Fitzroy Maclean Angel by Mike Ripley (London) Walker Devereaux by James W. Nichol Ben Henry by Mike Weiss Jigger Moran by John Roeburt Red Diamond by Mark Schorr (Long Island, New York) Gascoyne by Stanley Crawford Alphabet Hicks by Rex Stout (New … Continue reading Death Flags a Cab

The Dick of the Day

Are you dying for a detective? Pining for a P.I.?  Searching for a shamus? Gagging for a gumshoe? Everyday, we're going to scratch that itch for ya. Why? Because... we care.. April 19, 2021James Hazell by P.B. YuillApril 18, 2021Max Latin by Norbert DavisApril 17, 2021Toussaint Marcus Moore by Ed LacyApril 16, 2021Wilson by Mike … Continue reading The Dick of the Day

It’s a Family Affair…

Down these mean steeets a man (or a woman) must go... along with a spouse, maybe a son or daughter, a couple of siblings, possbly a few grandkids, and a few in-laws... Family-Owned Detective Agencies The Lunghis by Michael Z. LewinPapa Lunghi (father), Mama Lunghi (mother), Salvatore Lunghi (son), Angelo Lunghi (son), Rosetta Lunghi (daughter), … Continue reading It’s a Family Affair…

Published in Black Mask

Some Significant Contributors & Other Writers of Interest The most influential and best known of the detective pulps, what's surprising about the following list of contributors to the legendary Black Mask is not only who's on it (Louis L'Amour? Max Brand?), but who isn't, or how few times writers we instantly associate with the venerable mag actually … Continue reading Published in Black Mask

The Hardboiled Era (1929-58)

A Checklist from Hardboiled America [This is the appendix to Hardboiled America, by Geoffrey O'Brien (New York: Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1981). It's a very good book on the topic, although much information on writers is now available that wasn't when it was written.] The following list is designed to show the hardboiled novel not as … Continue reading The Hardboiled Era (1929-58)

The Rara-Avis Top 100 Hard-Boiled Characters of the Twentieth Century (2002)

As Chosen by the Members of Rara-Avis Compliled by Joe Dante and Mark Blumenthal In March and April of 2002, the members of Rara-Avis, the web's premier disscussion group for all things hard-boiled, decided to poll its members on the The Top 100 Hard-Boiled Characters of the Twentieth Century. Readers were invited to submit their … Continue reading The Rara-Avis Top 100 Hard-Boiled Characters of the Twentieth Century (2002)

We’re Living In a Political World

Eyes Left Crime fiction, it's been argued, is about maintaining the status quo, and ensuring that those with the power continue to keep it--that crime is an anomaly, and that once it's rooted out, order is restored and all is right in the world. It therefore must have a conservative agenda. But more than one … Continue reading We’re Living In a Political World

The Game’s A-foot!

Puzzles, Books and Other P.I. Games Oh, the games people play now, every night and everyday, now...      Of course, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so here's a short list of puzzling diversions for those of you who like to play. Lawrence Treat's Detectograms Mystery author Lawrence Treat did … Continue reading The Game’s A-foot!