The Dick of the Day

Are you dying for a detective? Pining for a P.I.?  Searching for a shamus? Gagging for a gumshoe? Every day (that we can) we’re going to try to scratch that itch for ya. Why? Because… we care.

September 28, 2023Philip Marlow (The Singing Detective)
September 9, 2023Zoe Busiek (Wild Card)
September 8, 2023Walter Brackett by Derek Marlowe (real name!)
September 7, 2023Hack Bohannon by Joseph Hansen
September 6, 2023Nick Archer by Eric Skillman & Jhomar Soriano
September 5, 2023Mike Garfin by Martin Brett
September 4, 2023Roland Ford by T. Jefferson Parker
September 3, 2023Boone Daniels by Don Winslow
September 2, 2023Madison Kelly by Elizabeth Brock
September 1, 2023Harry O by Howard Rodman
August 31, 2023Rick and A.J. Simon by Philip DeGuere
August 30, 2023Walter James by Wade Miller
August 22, 2023Noah Braddock by Jeff Shelby
August 20, 2023Kate Myles by Alex Kenna
August 19, 2023Click Rush (The Gadget Man) by Lester Dent
August 15, 2023Jake Longly by D.P. Lyle
August 13, 2023Elmer Fudd (and Batman) by Tex Avery, Tom King, et al
August 12, 2023Alack Sinner by Carlos Sampayo & José Munoz
August 9, 2023Mariano Mercado by D.L. Champion
August 6, 2023Bill Lennox by W.T. Ballard
August 5, 2023Freddy Otash by James Ellroy
August 3, 2023Domino Harvey (Domino)
July 30, 2023Mike Kellerman (Homicide: Life on the Street)
July 29, 2023Del Winter by Duane Swierczynski
July 28, 2023Picasso Smith by Hugh Lessig
July 27, 2023Lola Wicks by Gwen Florio
July 23, 2023Romeo Brown by Alfred “Maz” Mazure
July 22, 2023Race Williams by Carroll John Daly
July 15, 2023Steve Rockfish by Ken Harris
July 13, 2023Jon Sable by Mike Grell
July 3, 2023Truck Turner (1974, American International)
July 2, 2023Gil Vine by Stewart Sterling
July b1, 2023 (Canada Day)Lew Archer by Ross Macdonald
June 30, 2023Wil Hardesty by Richard Barre
June 28, 2023Hal Banks by Ed Brubaker & Stewfano Gaudino
June 26, 2023“Bookie” Barnes by Robert Reeves
June 23, 2023Jasmine Frame by P.R. Ellis
June 22, 2023Nick Sharman by Mark Timlin
June 14, 2023Dorothy Skelf, Jenny Skelf & Hannah Skelf (The Skelfs) by Doug Johnstone
June 10, 2023John Quincannon & Sabina Carpenter by Bill Pronzini & Marcia Muller
June 9, 2023Inspector Allhoff by D.L. Champion
June 8, 2023Shane Cleary by Gabriel ValJean
June 7, 2023Nate Ross by J.R. Sanders
June 6, 2023Larry Dean & Chip Bronx by Howard Rodman (Two for the Money)
June 3, 2023Jeff Regan by Jack Webbserved with the English during World War II. Born in Melbourne, Australia; died in New York City.
June 2, 2023Vinnie Altobelli by Milton Bass
June 1, 2023Violet McDade by Cleve F. Adams
May 31, 2023Pete Fortunato by Charles Salzberg
May 30, 2023Martin Wade by Libby Cudmore
May 28, 2023Jughead Jones (from Archie Comics)
May 26, 2023Mike Callahan (World for Ransom)
May 25, 2023Holly Gibney by Stephen King
May 23, 2023Helena Handbasket by Donna Moore
May 22, 2023Tom Doran by Mike Moran (William Ard)
May 21, 2023Richard & Grace Duvall by Arnold Fredericks
May 20, 2023Eli Donovan by James Rubel
May 19, 2023Spike Bludgeon by Marion Mainwaring
May 18, 2023Jenny Gordon & C.J. Gunn by Jan Grape
May 17, 2023Red “Rusty” Nales by Chris Mills & Joe Staton
May 16, 2023“Baddle Ax Baddalach” by Norman Partridge
May 15, 2023Jack Bone by Iain Blair
May 14, 2023Gil Disbro by James E. Martin
May 13, 2023Eddie Bianco (Love Walked In)
May 12, 2023Jerry Devery (The Tiger Woman)
May 11, 2023Carrie Blue by Bethany Campbell
May 10, 2023Slam Bradley by Tom King (et al)
May 9, 2023Mister Dynamite by Dashiell Hammett
May 8, 2023John Easy by Ron Goulart
May 7, 2023Billie Levine by Kimberly G. Giarratano
May 6, 2023Michael Lanyard (The Lone Wolf) by Louis Joseph Vance
May 4, 2023Katie Hassworth by Dorothy Francis
May 2, 2023Archy McNally by Lawrence Sanders
May 1, 2023Mike Valentine (Florida Man)
April 30, 2023Regan by Ian Rankin
April 27, 2023Nathan Waymaker by S.A. Waymaker
April 26, 2023Andy Brice by Lee Roberts
April 25, 2023Claire McCarron (Leg Work)
April 24, 2023Ash McKenna by Rob Hart
April 23, 2023Carmen Valdez by Alex Segura
April 22, 2023Ronnie Jackson (My Favorite Brunette)
April 21, 2023Charlie Alexander by Nigel Williams (Charlie)
April 20, 2023Katie “the Duchess” Blayne by Whitman Chambers
April 19, 2023Mike Danger (Danger and Adventure)
April 18, 2023Lackland Ask by Colin Deerwood
April 17, 2023Mavis Seidlitz by Carter Brown
April 16, 2023James “Whit” Whitney by David Dodge
April 15, 2023David Barton (Catalina Interlude)
April 14, 2023Tecumseh Fox by Rex Stout
April 13, 2023Amanda Pharrell & Ted Conkaffey by Canadace Fox (Troppo)
April 12, 2023Joe Coogan by Steve Niles & Bernie Wrightson
April 11, 2023Gillian Baltic by Dale Clark
April 10, 2023Jack Andrews (KIll Me Again)
April 9, 2023Bugs Bunny, Private Eye (Happy Easter)
April 8, 2023Joe Hannibal by Wayne D. Dundee
April 7, 2023Doan & Carstairs by Norbert Davis
April 6, 2023Butch Patterson (Butch Patterson, Private Dick)
April 5, 2023Lena Padget by Lynn S. Hightower
April 4, 2023Glenn Bowman by Hartley Howard
April 3, 2023HBO’s Perry Mason
April 2, 2023Lou Peckinpaugh by Neil Simon
April 1, 2023Jackson Donne by Dave White
March 2022-March 2o23Sorry, stuff happened.
March 25, 2022Joe Boone in Where’s Marlowe?
February 23, 2022Charlie Waldo by Howard Michael Gould
January 16, 2022Rex Howard by Ferguson Findley
December 23, 2021Sam Donovan (Cover Up)
December 17, 2021Ed and Am Hunter by Fredric Brown
December 9, 2021Trixie Meehan & Mike Harris by T.T. Flynn
December 3, 2021Dortmunder by Donald Westlake
December 2, 2021Christopher Chance (The Human Target)
December 1, 2021Daffy Dill by Richard Sale
November 30, 2021Le poulpe by Patrick Raynal, Patrick Raynal & Serge Quadruppani
November 29, 2021Ed Rivers by Talmage Powell
November 2, 2021Russ Andrews, Steve Banks & Bill Davis (The Investigators)
October 30, 2021Erica Jensen by Debbi Mack
October 27, 2021Sian Holt by Daniel José Older and David Wachter
October 25, 2021Old Red & Big Red Amlingmeyer by by Steve Hockensmith
October 24, 2021“Mac” Robinson by Thomas B. Dewey
September 19, 2021Marty Quade by Emile C. Tepperman
September 18, 2021Sharon McCone by Marcia Muller
September 17, 2021Eddie Race by Doug Wildey
September 7, 2021Harry Kilmer (The Yakuza)
September 6, 2021 Harold “Shill” Shillman (One Shoe Makes It Murder)
September 5 2021Cassie Holland (Cassie & Co.)
September 4, 2021Jake Barrow by Nick Quarry
September 3, 2021Nebraska by William J. Reynolds
September 1, 2021John Blacksad by Juan Diaz Canales & Juanjo Guarnido
August 31, 2021T.H.E. Cat by Harry Julian Fink
August 30, 2021Mickey Haller by Michael Connelly
August 24, 2021Inch High, Private Eye by Hanna-Barbera
August 23, 2021Harry James Denton by Steven Womack
August 22, 2021Stanley Melvin by Frank Zafiro
August 21, 2021“Moe Ron” Boyette by Michael Bracken
August 20, 2021John Francis Cuddy by Jeremiah Healy
August 19, 2021Milo March by M.E. Chaber (Kendell Foster Crossen)
August 18, 2021Peter Scratch by Elliot Caplin & Lou Fine
August 17, 2021Snoops by David Kelley
August 15, 2021Clyde Umney by Stephen King
August 14, 2021Mitch Roberts by Gaylord Dold
August 13, 2021Donald J. Trump, Private Eye by River Clegg
August 12, 2021Johnny Buchanan by K.T. McCall
August 11, 2021Jinx Alameda by Brian Michael Bendis
August 10, 2021Dennis Chase (21 Beacon Street)
August 9, 2021John Klute by Andy & Dave Lewis
August 8, 2021Nameless by Dan Leissner
August 7, 2021Johnny Aloha by Day Keene
August 6, 2021Thomas Magnum by by Donald P. Bellisario & Glen A. Larson
August 5, 2021Val Lyon by Mark Troy
August 4, 2021Byrd by B. Clay Moore & Steven Griffin
August 3, 2021Tom Lopaka, Tracy Steele & Greg MacKenzie (Hawaiian Eye)
August 2, 2021Percy Hand by Fletcher Flora
August 1, 2021Harry Dickinson by David Black
July 31, 2021Albert Samson by Michael Z. Lewin
July 30, 2021Thomas Langford by John M. Floyd
July 29, 2021Rick Cahill by Matt Coyle
July 28, 2021Emma Djan by Kwei Quartey
July 27, 2021Eamon Gold by Richard Helms
July 26, 2021The 2021 Shamus Award Winners
July 25, 2021Manville Moon by Richard Deming
July 24, 2021Len Buonfiglio by Brian Silverman
July 23, 2021Sam Space by William F. Nolan
July 22, 2021Vince Slader by Ovid DeMaris
July 21, 2021A.Y. Jalisco by Carlos Trillo & Eduardo Risso
July 20, 2021Ingmar Andersson & Axel Kruse by Stormare, Lund, Settman & Lowery
July 19, 2021Jack Levine by Andrew Bergman
July 18, 2021Dan Hammer by Martin Rackin
July 17, 2021Hollywood Harry by Curt Allen
July 16, 2021Jim Sader by Dolores Hitchens
July 15, 2021Duncan Ames by Kirby Farrell
July 14, 2021Slam Bradley by Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel
July 13, 2021Richie Brockelman by Stephen J. Cannell & Steven Bochco
July 12, 2021Gus Slavin (Loophole) by Dwight V. Babcock & George Bricker
July 11, 2021Owen McKenna by Todd Borg
July 10, 2021Amy Gray by Amy Gray
July 9, 2021Snooper and Blabber by Bill Hanna & Joe Barbera
July 8, 2021Vic Malloy by James Hadley Chase
July 7, 2021Rocky Jorden (creator unknown)
July 6, 2021Dave Garrett by Neil Albert
July 3-5, 2021AT&T (blame them)
July 2, 2021Bud Cooper by Joel & Ethan Coen
July 1, 2021Sam Klein by Allan Levine
June 30, 2021Kimitsuka Kimihi & Siesta (The Detective is Already Dead) by Nigojū & Umibōzu
June 28, 2021Stone (and Stine) by Cy Coleman, David Zippel and Larry Gelbart
June 27, 2021Liz Stonestreet by Leslie Stevens
June 26, 2021Lucien Caye by O’Neil De Noux
June 25, 2021Junior Bender by Timothy Hallinan
June 24, 2021Al Delaney by Thomas B. Black
June 23, 2021Secret Agent X-9 by Dashiell Hammett & Alex Raymond
June 22, 2021Mike & Bob Brannagan (The Brothers Brannagan) by Wilbur Stark and Jerry Layton
June 21, 2021John J. Shannon by Cleve F. Adams
June 20, 2021Special Father’s Day Edition Private Eyes and Their Dads
June 19, 2021Dan Roman by Edward Mathis
June 18, 2021Adrian Monk by Andy Breckmann & David Hoberman
June 17, 2021Gus Monk by Blake Edwards
June 16, 2021Minky Woodcock by Cynthia von Buhler
June 15, 2021Johann Friedrich von Allmen by Martin Suter
June 14, 2021Cardula by Jack Ritchie
June 13, 2021Horace Rumpole by John Mortimer
June 12, 2021Mary Carner by Zelda Popkin
June 11, 2021Joe Rogers by Kenneth Millar
June 10, 2021Guy Johnson by Herman J.  Mankiewicz (with an assist by Ben Hecht)
June 9, 2021Sally the Sleuth by Adolphe Barreaux
June 8, 2021Hank Brackett & Johnny Reach (Bearcats!) by Douglas Heyes
June 7, 2021Bill Lance by J. Donald Wilson
June 6, 2021Mallory by Raymond Chandler
June 5, 2021Alma Rosales by Katrina Carrasco
June 4, 2021“Slot Machine” Kelly by Dennis Lynds
June 3, 2021Max Thursday by Wade Miller
June 2, 2021Tiffany Sinn by Gary Friedrich, Charles Wojtkowski & Vince Alascia
June 1, 2021Jack Shannon by John Sayles
May 31, 2021Al Colby by David Dodge
May 30, 2021Repairman Jack by F. Paul Wilson
May 29, 2021Nestor Burma by Léo Malet
May 28, 2021Brock Devlin by Scott Mitchell
May 27, 2021Sydney Kells by Michael J, Wilson & Douglas Wyman
May 26, 2021Ethan Reckless by Ed Brukaker & Sean Phillips
May 25, 2021Bridgett Logan by Greg Rucka
May 24, 2021Bob Dylan, Private Eye? by Robert Zimmerman
May 23, 2021Gene Castle by Jim Christy
May 22, 2021Joe Grundy by Marc Strange
May 21, 2021Tom O’Toole by Arthur Miller
May 20, 2021Aristotle “Soc” Socarides by Paul Kemprecos
May 19, 2021Chandler by Jim Steranko
May 18, 2021Miss Madelyn Mack by Hugh C. Weir
May 17, 2021Jo Gar by Ramon DeColta
May 16, 2021B.T. Brady by Avedon, Corday, Rozenweig, Fisher, Brown, Hoelscher & Hoelscher
May 15, 2021Bradford Galt by Leo Rosten
May 14, 2021David Ross (The Outsider) by Roy Huggins
May 13, 2021Vicki Anderson/Catherine Banning by Alan Trustman
May 12, 2021Ace Crawford by Ron Clark & Tim Conway
May 11, 2021Luke Fischer by Craig Terlson
May 10, 2021John Kenneth Galbraith Jantarro by Simon Ritchie
May 9, 2021Ms. Tree by Max Allan Collins & Terry Beatty
May 8, 2021Steve Bentley by Robert Dietrich
May 7, 2021Mary Kelly by D.L. Browne
May 6, 2021“Peanuts” Brann by Benton Braden
May 5, 2021Dahlia Moss by Max Wirestone
May 4, 2021Robyn McCall (The Equalizer) by Michael Sloan, Richard Lindheim, et al
May 3, 2021Ace Mifflin by Ted Slampyak
May 2, 2021Tommy Akhtar by Patrick Neate
May 1, 2021Wolf J. Flywheel by Hal Fineberg, Ray Golden, Sid Kuller & Nat Perrin
April 30, 2021Mike Blair by Hank Searls
April 29, 2021Humphrey Campbell by Geoffrey Homes
April 28, 2021Ralph Henderson by Charles Felix
April 27, 2021Marîd Audran by George Alec Effinger
April 26, 2021Vincent Calvino by Christopher G. Moore
April 25, 2021Brenna Spector by Alison Gaylin
April 24, 2021Timothy Trench by Dennis O’Neil
April 23, 2021Anna Lee by Liza Cody
April 22, 2021Al Roach by Obie Scott Wade, Michael Maler & Jordan Beswick
April 21, 2021Clayton Guthrie & Rachel Vasquez by Alaric Hunt
April 20, 2021Leslie “The Ferret” Lenrow by Irwin Hasen & Stockridge Winslow
April 19, 2021James Hazell by P.B. Yuill
April 18, 2021Max Latin by Norbert Davis
April 17, 2021Toussaint Marcus Moore by Ed Lacy
April 16, 2021Wilson by Mike Knowles
April 15, 2021Webster Dodge by Jay Faerber
April 14, 2021Beth Moore by Margie Harris
April 13, 2021Danny Danger by Leonard Starr & Richard Hughes
April 12, 2021Danny Getchell by James Ellroy
April 11, 2021Nick Polo by Jerry Kennealy
April 10, 2021Mike Trye by Alan Farley
April 9, 2021Wilbur Peddie by Howard Browne
April 8, 2021Chet Gecko by Bruce Hale
April 7, 2021Nat Lawson by John McFetridge
April 6, 2021Betty Blake by H.L. Parkhurst
April 5, 2021Steve Silk by J.B. O’Sullivan
April 4, 2021Lori Andersen by Steph Broadribb
April 3, 2021Alphabet Hicks by Rex Stout
April 2, 2021Ezell “Easy” Barnes by Richard Hilary
April 1, 2021Speed Walker by Cris Hammond

Ooops! Ideally, in a perfect world, I’d post a dick every day, but…
if you look around, this ain’t a perfect world. My original plan of daily postings seems to have bellyflopped. Like Travis McGee, I’m taking my retirement in installments. 
Or, to paraphrase the tile of a certain beloved collection of short stories that helped set me on this road, “Sometimes you get the dick; sometimes the dick gets you…” I’ll try to resume regularly scheduled programming as soon as I can…

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