The Dick of the Day

Are you dying for a detective? Pining for a P.I.?  Searching for a shamus? Gagging for a gumshoe? Everyday, we’re going to scratch that itch for ya. Why? Because… we care.

April 19, 2021James Hazell by P.B. Yuill
April 18, 2021Max Latin by Norbert Davis
April 17, 2021Toussaint Marcus Moore by Ed Lacy
April 16, 2021Wilson by Mike Knowles
April 15, 2021Webster Dodge by Jay Faerber
April 14, 2021Beth Moore by Margie Harris
April 13, 2021Danny Danger by Leonard Starr & Richard Hughes
April 12, 2021Danny Getchell by James Ellroy
April 11, 2021Nick Polo by Jerry Kennealy
April 10, 2021Mike Trye by Alan Farley
April 9, 2021Wilbur Peddie by Howard Browne
April 8, 2021Chet Gecko by Bruce Hale
April 7, 2021Nat Lawson by John McFetridge
April 6, 2021Betty Blake by H.L. Parkhurst
April 5, 2021Steve Silk by J.B. O’Sullivan
April 4, 2021Lori Andersen by Steph Broadribb
April 3, 2021Alphabet Hicks by Rex Stout
April 2, 2021Ezell “Easy” Barnes by Richard Hilary
April 1, 2021Speed Walker by Cris Hammond

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