Tecumseh Fox

Created by Rex Stout


TECUMSEH FOX is a private eye who shows up in a few novels by Rex Stout. Unlike some of his other detectives, Tecumseh is an average-looking guy, except for his “penetrating” brown eyes and his rather dapper fashion sense. Tecumseh lives and works out of a large farm full of animals in New York’s Westchester County. By the way, despite his name, Tecumseh denies that he is part-Native American.

Stout often claimed that Tecumseh’s first case, Double for Death (1939) was the best detective story he ever wrote. Stout also created a couple of other eyes: Dol Bonner was one of the first female eyes to appear in novel form, and she enjoyed some success with another character of his, Nero Wolfe, a rather portly fellow who lives in the city. You may have heard of him…


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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