Dick Hammer

Created by Chris Wisnia Hot-tempered, foul-mouthed, crotch-scratching DICK HAMMER is a private skulk working the web comic mean streets of Crude Bay, Southern California. Yeah, Crude Bay. But just because artist/writer/creator Chris Wisnia apparently has his tongue wedged firmly in his cheek most of the time doesn't mean he doesn't know what he's doing. In … Continue reading Dick Hammer

China Smith

Created by Robert C. Dennis B-film tough-guy movie actor Dan Duryea played two-fisted part-time scam artist/private eye CHINA SMITH who operated out of a bar in Singapore, in the eponymous syndicated TV show from the fifties. China’s cases often took him throughout the Orient, which him plenty of swash-buckling action in this early, as China … Continue reading China Smith

Mike Callahan (World for Ransom)

Created by Lindsay Hardy and Hugo Butler In World for Ransom, a rough-and-tough little B-noir from 1954, MIKE CALLAHAN is an Irish war vet working as a P.I. in Singapore who goes to work for an ex-lover who thinks her husband's up to something shady. Sure enough, good ol' Mike (played by twitchy, dapper noir … Continue reading Mike Callahan (World for Ransom)

Eli Donovan

Created by James L. Rubel Pseudonyms include Mason Macrae, Timothy Hayes (1894-1960) "Meet Miss Donovan, the only private eye who wears mascara. She's easily the most beautiful shamus living.” — the original cover blurb One of the first attempts at writing a more down-to-earth woman detective in book form was James L Rubel's surprisingly decent … Continue reading Eli Donovan

Marty Burns

Created by J.S. Russell Former television child star MARTY BURNS (you remember that classic oldie hit sitcom Salt and Pepper, right?) is now just another LA private dickcracking wise and trying to walk in Marlowe's shoes, who gets sucked into the usual mess of pimps, disemboweled hookers, snuff films, samurais from Hell, and nefarious supernatural … Continue reading Marty Burns

Red “Rusty” Nales

Created by Christopher Mills and Joe Staton Femme Noir: "Mercenary!" Red: "Is that some kinda insult?" His office is in the “crummy burg” of Port Nocturne, on the corner of Whittington and Rabe, overlooking Widmark. He's got a gat, a bottle of rotgut, a Murphy bed in his office, and a client list that ranges … Continue reading Red “Rusty” Nales

Jack Bone

Created by Iain Blair Pseudonyms include Emma Blair (1942-2011) Glasgow's own JACK BONE is a hard-drinking, hard-smokin' kinda lad. He claims he isn't really a detective, that he just helps out folks if the price is right. As long as the job doesn't take him out of Scotland. As far as I know, he's only … Continue reading Jack Bone

Gil Disbro

Created by James E. Martin (1936 --) TAKE ONE (Stickney) James E Martin's was a retired police detective, who had previously worked as a high school teacher in Ohio. His creation GIL DISBRO was a Cleveland-based PI, a young laid off cop who earned his way through P.I./bounty work. Disbro was also a part-time college … Continue reading Gil Disbro

Eddie Bianco (Love Walked In)

Created by Jose Pablo Feinmann (1943-2021) Nervous, weaselly private eye EDDIE BIANCO (The Practice's Michael Badalucco) teams up with his old buddy, mouthy piano man Jack Hanaway (Dennis Leary), a bitterly caustic would-be writer with a drinking problem, in this competent, straight-to-video B-flick. Kevin Thomas of the L.A. Times called it "intelligent and stylish but … Continue reading Eddie Bianco (Love Walked In)

Carrie Blue

Created by Bethany Campbell Pseudonym of Sally McCluskey Other pseudonyms include Lisa Harris Private detective CARRIE BLUE is an 40-something ex-cop and former high school teacher who gets roped in by Hayden Ivanovich of the Burnside Detective Agency of Fayetteville, Arkansas to act as bait on a "virtual reality community." Turns out there's a charming … Continue reading Carrie Blue