Cough it up. Or else…

Relax, bub. This ain’t gonna hurt.

But you’ve had a free ride so far, so maybe it’s time you chipped in.

Don’t worry — we’re not going to turn this into a pay-per-view site or anything like that (yet?). But web sites don’t grow on trees, and advertising revenue barely covers the tab for the beer. Or the bandages.

The truth is, we work hard here at Thrilling Detective to bring you the best damn P.I. reference site on the Web we can.

Sure, mostly it’s a labour of love. But we wouldn’t say “No” to a little geetus.

Things like server space, maintenance fees and bail cost money, so if you’ve enjoyed this site over the last couple of decades, if we’ve ever set you straight on something, if we’ve ever lead you to a book or a new author or a flick or whatever that you enjoyed, please consider slipping us a few bucks.

We have two ways you can do this. It doesn’t have to be much, and we sure would appreciate it.


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‘Course, you can always just send a cheque, money order or a bundle of unmarked bills to:

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Astute viewers may have noticed I sell books and DVDs through as an Associate Member (that’s where most, but not all, of those “Buy This Book” links lead).

So, if you shop at Amazon, great. It’s certainly better than stealing books. Everytime you buy a link through one of my Amazon buy links or banners, I get a few pennies. It doesn’t cost you a thing.

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Pretty cool, eh?

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  1. Great website! Got lost for hours learning, reminiscing and mumbling, “I didn’t know that.” A wealth of information.

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