Ash McKenna

Created by Rob Hart

Will work for booze. Or dope….

A seemingly eternally recovering addict and would-be hard-boiled hero with a rude wit and a Chandler-sized romantic streak, ASH McKENNA bumbles and stumbles his way through a series of misadventures, in this winning five-novel series by Rob Hart.

Make no mistake — Ash is no private eye, but he sure acts like one, doing favours for friends and sticking his nose deep into other people’s business, whether it’s tracking down a drag queen’s missing buddy or hunting a killer.

Oh, wait! Looks like I misspoke. In Potter’s Field (2018), the final entry in the series, Ash returns to New York City (after visits to Portland, Georgia and — WTF? — Prague) does get a P.I. license.


  • “A bloody valentine to a New York fast disappearing, this debut is an urban noir populated with memorable characters.”
    — Library Journal on New Yorked
  • “(Ash’s) landscape (for NYC contains multitudes) is the rapidly gentrifying East Village and its cohorts in Brooklyn. For people who are new to the city—new meaning pre-aughts—New Yorked is a love letter to how the city was pre-9/11 and pre-hipster.”
    The Great Hipster Mystery (April 2019, CrimeReads)


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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