Ray Boyd

Created by Lee Goldberg And here I thought that Lee Goldberg was such a nice boy... I mean, the man wrote episodes of Diagnosis Murder! And its tie-ins. But in Crown Vic, he unleashes the beast with two violent, sexually explicit and previously unpublished stories that just reek of 1950s pulp paperbacks. The only thing … Continue reading Ray Boyd

Nick Travers

Created by Ace Atkins (1970--) Maybe no one can sing the blues like Blind Willie McTell, but Ace Atkins certainly gives it a shot. Former New Orleans Saint NICK TRAVERS blew his pro football career when he punched out his coach out (LIVE! ON NATIONAL TELEVISION!).  Not the greatest career move... So now he's a … Continue reading Nick Travers

Mike Kellerman (Homicide: Life on the Street)

Homicide: Life on the Street TV developed for television by Paul AttanasioBased on the non-fiction book by David SimonKellerman character created by Tom Fontana "There's more cheating in Baltimore than there is Kodak film."-- Kellerman waxes philosophic One of the most unexpected P.I. dramas ever aired on television has to have been two episodes plopped … Continue reading Mike Kellerman (Homicide: Life on the Street)

Del Farmer (aka Del Winter)

Created by Duane Swierczynski He's hot, he's hip, he's dead. Meet DEL WINTER, hard-boiled dick. But Winter isn't like the other shamuses you may find on this site. For one thing, he's shuffled off this mortal coil and assumed permanent room temperature. Really. He's dead, Jim. Or at least, he was. For a while. And … Continue reading Del Farmer (aka Del Winter)

Algy Lawrence

Created by Derek Howe Smith (1926-2002) ALGY? I think it's safe to say that with a monicker like "Algy," there's a pretty good chance ALGY LAWRENCE is British. And sure enough he is. He's a young, dashing former Intelligence officer, who now consults for Scotland Yard, and bills himself as an "unofficial detective." What I'm … Continue reading Algy Lawrence

Nick Ryan (Coleman)

Created by Reed Farrel Coleman He’s a cop, he’s not a cop. Or he is a cop, but don’t tell anyone... But when you’re one of the NYPD’s  boys in blue, and the shit hits the fan, NICK RYAN may be your only hope. When we meet him in his series launch, Sleepless City (2023), … Continue reading Nick Ryan (Coleman)

Mercy Gunderson

Created by Lori Armstrong Pseudonyms include Lorelei James One-quarter Minneconjou Sioux MERCY GUNDERSON is a former U.S. Army Black Ops sniper who lost an eye in Iraq, and has returned Stateside to lick her wounds and run the family ranch in South Dakota, in the series debut, No Mercy (2010). But things don't work out so … Continue reading Mercy Gunderson

Femme Noir

Created by Christopher Mills and Joe Staton With a moniker like FEMME NOIR, you just know things weren't going to be taken entirely seriously in this web comic. Who the hell is she, you may ask? Well, here's how the official advance publicity from co-creator Chris Mills went way back when: Who is Femme Noir? … Continue reading Femme Noir

Carmen Valdez

Created by Alex Segura Okay, so… Alex Segura’s Secret Identity (2022) is not a private eye novel per se, but it’s painfully clear where its protagonist, frizzled and frazzled 1970s comic book writer CARMEN VALDEZ, is getting her inspiration from when her writing partner is murdered and she decides to poke around a little. A favourite on many Best-of-the-Year … Continue reading Carmen Valdez

Kitty Pangborn & Dex Theroux

Created by Linda L. Richards "Dex is tall and dreamy… Oh. Sure, he's a mook, but he's the kind of a mook that can heat a girl's socks, if you follow my drift.” —Kitty just might have a thing for her boss. Once upon a time, a secretary was pretty much standard equipment for fictional private … Continue reading Kitty Pangborn & Dex Theroux