January Cole

Created by Rob Hart

JANUARY COLE is not your average house dick.

That’s because she’s head of security at the Paradox Hotel, someplace in the not-so-distant future where uber-rich yahoos–in costume, no less–gather to be zapped back into the past.

Alas, the technology–which the government’s planning to privatize soon–isn’t always all it could be, with occasional misfires and gaps that, yes, threaten the time/space continuum. Then there’s those pesky ghostly visitors from the past who sometimes stalk the halls, and clocks that apparently run backwards. Oh, and there’s a corpse in Room #526…

Or is there?

Apparently January’s the only one who can see it.

This one seems to have a bit of something for everyone. It’s a trippy, drippy mish-mash, featuring a dab of noir, some cyber-punk-tinged sci-fi, a little romance, some time-travel head-spinning and ghosts, both figurative and literal.


Rob Hart also writes the Ash McKenna , about a shit magnet bumbling his way towards private eyedom, and is the author of The Warehouse, a bestselling near-future thriller about a a giant tech company that’s eaten up much of the American economy (now available on Amazon). The author lives in New York City sometime in the present.


  • “An engrossing and thought-provoking sci-fi mystery that is also an achingly beautiful meditation on grief and the pain of lost love.”
    — S. A. Cosby
  • “Electric . . . a tense, taut cinematic kick to the teeth.”
    — Chuck Wendig



Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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