Am Caulfield

Created by Alan Russell Known for more hard-boiled fare, Alan Russell tried a switcheroo with a couple of more light-hearted mysteries featuring mild-mannered hotel dick AM CAULFIELD. When we first meet Am, in 1994’s The Hotel Detective, “Assistant Director” of La Jolla’s swanky Hotel California Am has been informed by his boss, Raymond Krendrick, that his job … Continue reading Am Caulfield

January Cole

Created by Rob Hart JANUARY COLE is not your average house dick. That's because she's head of security at the Paradox Hotel, someplace in the not-so-distant future where uber-rich yahoos--in costume, no less--gather to be zapped back into the past. Alas, the technology--which the government's planning to privatize soon--isn't always all it could be, with … Continue reading January Cole