Lori Andersen

Created by Steph Broadribb
Pseudonyms include Stephanie Marland

My guess? These books will not form the basis for any Hallmark movies any time soon.

Originally published by Orenda Books, Steph Broadribb’s action-packed LORI ANDERSON series features ex-stripper and single mom working hard to keep it all together as a bounty hunter in Florida. Lori’s as tough as they come, and can certainly kick down a mean door, but raising  nine-year old Dakota, who suffers from leukemia, ain’t easy. And having JT, her lover and former mentor (and Dakota’s father) stuck in prison–on Death Row, no less–isn’t making life any simpler.

There’s also the slight problem that she seems to get the crap kicked out of her with alarming frequency.

Novelist Steph Broadribb (aka Stephenie Marland) was born in Birmingham, England, and has spent a lot of her career dividing her time between the U.K. and the States. In fact, for the Anderson books, she actually trained as a Bounty Hunter in California and travelled around the US scouting locations. Her debut thriller, Deep Down Dead, was shortlisted for the ITW Best First Novel, the eDunnit eBook of the Year award, the Dead Good Reader Award for Fearless Female Character, and Dead Good Reader Award for Most Exceptional Debut. As Stephanie Marland she writes the Starke/Bell psychological police procedural series, which draws on her experience as a blogger and the research she did  into human behaviour in online groups. But that’s not all — as Crime Thriller Girl she reviews crime fiction at crimethrillergirl.com, and is also a member of the crime-themed girl band The Splice Girls.


  • “Crazy good … full-tilt action and a brilliant cast of characters”
    — Yrsa Sigurđardóttir
  • “Fast, confident and suspenseful…My kind of book”
    — Lee Child
  • “Like Midnight Run, but much darker … really, really good”
    — Ian Rankin



Respectfully submitted by Hans Jürgen Weinle and Kevin Burton Smith.

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