Peggy Delaney

Created by James W. Nichol About time someone put the "broad" back in "broadcasting" at the CBC. PEGGY DELANEY is a hard-drinking, hard-writing forty-ish Toronto newspaper columnist who can more than hold her own with any of the guys in the newsroom, in a 1998 series of radio dramas which originally aired as part of … Continue reading Peggy Delaney

Khloé Mercer

Created by Kiki Swinson KHLOÉ MERCER is getting tired of putting her neck on the line as an investigative journalist, snooping into all sorts of malfeasance and corruption, and getting paid diddley squat for it. So she figures she might as well at least make some bucks doing it, and becomes a private eye, in … Continue reading Khloé Mercer

Katie “The Duchess” Blayne

Created by Whitman Chambers (1896-1968) You want a speed-rapping, wise-cracking, cocky female reporter from the pulps who can run rings around her male counterparts? Then KATIE BLAYNE, aka "The Duchess," might be your gal. Invariably lumped in with Torchy Blane, with whom she shares a gift for mile-a-minute yammering, hard-charging competitivness, and a knack for getting … Continue reading Katie “The Duchess” Blayne

Dangerous Dames

A Timeline of Some of the Significant Female Eyes, and the Date of their First Appearance "If it's that delicate,... maybe you need a lady detective." -- Marlowe in The Little Sister (1949) No business for a lady, indeed... Despite various bimbo eyes whose pulchritudinous assets often far outweighed their mental equipment (to paraphrase one … Continue reading Dangerous Dames

Lori Andersen

Created by Steph Broadribb Pseudonyms include Stephanie Marland My guess? These books will not form the basis for any Hallmark movies any time soon. Originally published by Orenda Books, Steph Broadribb's action-packed LORI ANDERSON series features ex-stripper and single mom working hard to keep it all together as a bounty hunter in Florida. Lori's as … Continue reading Lori Andersen

Tiffany Sinn

Created by Gary Friedrich, Charles Wojtkowski and Vince Alascia "This spy business grows on one after awhile." You can roll your eyes all you want right now, but one of the more interesting female private eyes of the sixties was TIFFANY SINN who made her debut -- wait for it -- in the pages Career … Continue reading Tiffany Sinn

Emma Djan

Created by Kwei Quartey Best known for his acclaimed series featuring Detective Inspector Darko Dawson of the police in Accra, Ghana, author Kwei Quartey lit out for new territory in the Edgar-nominated, Shamus-winning The Missing American (2020), when he introduced former police officer turned private investigator EMMA DJAN. Ex-cops turned private eyes (especially disgraced ones) are, of … Continue reading Emma Djan

Naomi Cottle

Created by Rene Denfeld "Hope was a beautiful thing, Naomi thought." -- The Child Finder Egnigmatic, peculiar NAOMI COTTLE is a young private investigator with an almost supernatural knack for finding lost children. She's a determined and dogged detective, singlemindedly obsessive and willing to spend years on a case, if necessary, sleeping on friend's or client's … Continue reading Naomi Cottle

Dahlia Moss

Created by Max Wirestone Imagine if Veronica Mars was a regular on TV's The Big Bang Theory, and all that tough-girl chic and hands-on savvy was replaced by a eyes-averted, downward-gazing gamer geek in dire financial straits, and you've pretty much got a snapshot of DAHLIA MOSS. It's the cash flow problems (she's got $17.23 in … Continue reading Dahlia Moss

Finn Teller

Created by Twist Phelan A Milan fashion house. A Greek kidnapping. A Croatian trainwreck. South American revolutionaries. An embezzler hiding out in Eastern Europe. A deadly African pandemic. It's all part of the job for globetrotting corporate spy FINN TELLER. It looks like author Twist Phelan may have pumped out all five of the novels … Continue reading Finn Teller