Khloé Mercer

Created by Kiki Swinson

KHLOÉ MERCER is getting tired of putting her neck on the line as an investigative journalist, snooping into all sorts of malfeasance and corruption, and getting paid diddley squat for it. So she figures she might as well at least make some bucks doing it, and becomes a private eye, in this new series by Kiki Swinson, a nationally bestselling author of urban fiction with over forty novels and short stories to her credit.

Unfortunately, she decides to do this in Norfolk, Virginia, where the police are rotten from top to bottom, and all the investigative chops in the world–and an uncle with “connections”–may not help.

The author’s fiction has been coloured by her experiences and a five-year stint in federal prison, and in fact, she completed her first novel while incarcerated. A native of Portsmouth, Virginia, she now resides in Virginia Beach, Virginia.


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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