John Denson

Created by Richard Hoyt "I'm a gentleman and a scholar; would you care for some screw-top?" -- Denson greets a client in Decoys Consider him Gonzo-lite. Or maybe a New Age Northwest reincarnation of Shell Scott. Or just a hippy-dippy eye who has certainly inhaled. But there's no denying that Pacific Northwest private eye JOHN … Continue reading John Denson

Robin Bishop

Created by Geoffrey Homes Pseudonym of Daniel Mainwaring (1902-77) ROBIN BISHOP is one of those pesky reporters with a nose for news who acts like a private eye, but isn't. He works for a rag in Los Pinos in southern California, and isn't even particularly tough or wise-cracking, but he manages to get himself into … Continue reading Robin Bishop

Khloé Mercer

Created by Kiki Swinson KHLOÉ MERCER is getting tired of putting her neck on the line as an investigative journalist, snooping into all sorts of malfeasance and corruption, and getting paid diddley squat for it. So she figures she might as well at least make some bucks doing it, and becomes a private eye, in … Continue reading Khloé Mercer

Fennec Suleiman

Created by Hunter Eden Sephardic Jew FENNEC SULEIMAN lives in Cairo, Egypt, and was working as a war-correspondent, embedded in Iraq, when he received a major brain injury. It didn't kill him, but it may be the reason  the Egyptian God Anubis often drops by frequently to chat. So, is he blessed, or just crazy? It's hard … Continue reading Fennec Suleiman


Created by A.E. Maxwell (Ann and Evan Maxwell) Another one-named P.I. who managed quite a following for a while is FIDDLER, whose stomping ground is the sunny climes of southern California. It's there that he's set himself up as a somewhat low-key, yet quite lethal troubleshooter and sometime-investigator. He's a big lug, 6'2", with a … Continue reading Fiddler

Zen Moses

Created by Elizabeth M. Cosin ZEN (short for Zenara) MOSES is the tough, smartass, intriguingly-named female Santa Monica PI hero in Zen and the Art of Murder (1998), Elizabeth Cosin's first private eye novel. Zen's not your typical white-wine sipping sensitive soul female California eye, even if she does own a cat. Nope. She's a … Continue reading Zen Moses

Dale Bogard

Created by Dale Bogarde Pseudonym of Douglas Enefer; other pseudonyms include Paul Denver and John Powers (1906-87) Yet another would-be American tough guy by yet another British author with no particular knowledge of the United States, DALE BOGARD was the creation of prolific pulpster Douglas Enefer (one paperback billed him as "the fastest thriller writer … Continue reading Dale Bogard

Tess Monaghan

Created by Laura Lippman "That's what I do, I write novels about women..." -- Lippman in 2014 interview Hot shot Baltimore reporter TESS MONAGHAN unexpectedly finds herself out of work, when her paper The Baltimore Star, keels over and dies. Suddenly unemployed, Tess will take almost anything to pay the rent, including acting as a private … Continue reading Tess Monaghan