Fennec Suleiman

Created by Hunter Eden

Sephardic Jew FENNEC SULEIMAN lives in Cairo, Egypt, and was working as a war-correspondent, embedded in Iraq, when he received a major brain injury. It didn’t kill him, but it may be the reason  the Egyptian God Anubis often drops by frequently to chat.

So, is he blessed, or just crazy?

It’s hard to tell, but in the meantime, while he tries to sort it out, Fennec’s working as a private investigator back in Cairo, in The Path of the Jackals, the first in a proposed series, to be published sometime in 2021 by P.I. Tales, a new imprint intent of publishing only P.I. fiction.


  • “The Path of the Jackals” (2121) Kindle it!
Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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