Stanley Melvin

Created by Frank Zafiro "On a basic level, Stanley understood sarcasm." The 2021 novella "Hallmarks of the Job" is "part mystery, part humour," according to the author. It introduces nit-picky, stick-in-the-mud private investigator, STANLEY MELVIN, who works out of his very tidy office above Hamilton's Barber Shop. It's a suitably non-exciting location for a P.I. who … Continue reading Stanley Melvin

Fennec Suleiman

Created by Hunter Eden Sephardic Jew FENNEC SULEIMAN lives in Cairo, Egypt, and was working as a war-correspondent, embedded in Iraq, when he received a major brain injury. It didn't kill him, but it may be the reason  the Egyptian God Anubis often drops by frequently to chat. So, is he blessed, or just crazy? It's hard … Continue reading Fennec Suleiman

Rick Malone

Created by Michael Pool "When I was first getting into this business, nobody bothered to tell me I’d spend most of my days pissing into bottles and waiting around." When we first meet young Denver private investigator RICK MALONE in the 2020 short story "In for a Penny," he's musing at length on the importance and rules … Continue reading Rick Malone