Stone Barrington

Created by Stuart Woods

Outspoken STONE BARRINGTON is the son of two rebellious parents who were disinherited by their own parents — both wealthy western Massachusetts families in the textile business — the father, because he was sympathetic to communist views and wanted to work with his hands; the mother, because she married his father.

Barrington attended New York City public schools and New York University and its law school. During his senior year, he rode with NYPD cops in a law school program and became enamored of police work. He joined the force and served fourteen years as a patrolman and detective before being forced out of the NYPD because he too often disagreed with his superiors. Broke and in debt for the costs of renovating a Turtle Bay townhouse he had inherited from a great aunt, he was rescued by an old law school friend who hired him to be of counsel to Woodman & Weld, a prestigious law firm, to deal with those cases involving their client that the firm did not wish to be seen to deal with. His first name is his mother’s maiden name; his last name derives from a town in western Massachusetts. He has been smart and lucky ever since.

The series has proved to be incredibly durable. Stuart Woods wrote 64 novels, and when he passed away in 2022, Brett Battles, a former computer engineer (he worked for Dell) and author, best known for his Cleaner series featuring freelance intelligence operative Jonathan Quinn.


  • “Sorry, Stuart, but no matter how suave the dude is, Stone Barrington is still a sorta goofy name. And his girlfriend’s name is Arrington? As in ‘Arrington Barrington’? Sheesh…”
    — the editor 🙂
  • “Stylish suspense among the gray-flannel/black-velvet set, with a winsome hero and agreeable dollops of sex, gore, and demented mayhem…”
    Kirkus Reviews, on New York Dead



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