Jonathan Quinn

Created by Brett Battles

JONATHAN QUINN is an ex-cop who now works freelance as a sort of “cleaner” for the intelligence industry, sanitizing all traces of violence when an operation goes sideways. And given the oxymoronic qualities of the “intelligence industry” these days, it’s rare that he has to look very hard for work.

But don’t picture some guy pushing a heavy cart full of rags and an arsenal cleaning supplies through a blood-splattered crime scene — in tidying things up, Quinn’s as likely to reach for a gun as a mop.

His best — but not his only — client is a ultra-clandestine U.S. agency called simply “The Office” which, in his 2007 debut, The Cleaner, seems to have been infiltrated, leaving Quinn very much out in the cold.

Despite Quinn’s obstensible freelance status, it reads more like an espionage novel than a P.I. novel, full of globe-hopping action, breakneck pacing, hard-boiled derring do, high-tech bang-bang and enough treacherous women and colorfully twisted bad guys to fill a film noir festival, but fans of John Rain, another lone wolf spy kinda guy should lap this up.

So far, Brett Battles has written over twenty novels and several short stories, and his Quinn novel The Deceived (2008) won the Barry Award for Best Thriller. A former computer engineer (he worked for Dell), he is one of the founding members of Killer Year, and is a member of Mystery Writers of America and International Thriller Writers. In 2022, he was chosen to continue the late Stuart Woods’ incredibly durable Stone Barrington series, as well as the Teddy Fay books, about an ex-CIA agent with his own ideas about justice.  Brett lives and writes in Los Angeles.


  • Jonathan Quinn was named for Liam Quinn, a Dell executive who had served as a mentor to Brett.


  • “Admirers of quality espionage fiction can look forward to a new series worth following.”
    — Publisher’s Weekly



  • “Just Another Job” (March 2011, digital) Kindle it!
  • “Off the Clock” (May 2011, digital) Kindle it!
  • “Becoming Quinn (July 2011, digital) Kindle it!
    Quinn’s origin story.
  • “Lesson Plan” (May, 2014, ebook)
  • “Flight 12 (2015, digital; aka Night Work) Kindle it!


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