Mike Ehrmantraut

Created by Peter Gould and Vince Gilligan "Shut the fuck up, and let me die in peace." —Mike  in the final season of Breaking Bad Yeah, yeah. I know. Neither AMC's acclaimed Breaking Bad (2008-13), nor its subsequent spinoff/prequel Better Call Saul (2015-22) is a private eye show. But a private eye character proves to be … Continue reading Mike Ehrmantraut

Hack Bohannon

Created by Joseph Hansen Pseudonyms include include Rose Brock & James Colton (1923-2004) Tall, lean, with a "shock of Indian-black hair," usually clad in jeans, cowboy boots and a plaid shirt, HACK BOHANNON looks more like a cowboy than a private detective. And, if he had his druthers, that's probably the way he'd prefer it. … Continue reading Hack Bohannon

Skylar Drake

Created by Janet Elizabeth Lynn & Will Zeilinger SoCal in the mid-1950s, and everyone’s having fun fun fun, even if nobody’s even heard of The Beach Boys. Yet. It’s not all fun, fun, fun, though, and that's what keeps former LAPD detective and Korean war vet SKYLAR DRAKE going. When we first meet him, in Slivers of … Continue reading Skylar Drake

Kate Myles

Created by Alex Kenna When we first meet her, in her Shamus-nominated debut, What Meets the Eye (2022), KATE MYLES is really up the junction. Two years ago, she was a happily married, a dedicated artist and a hot-shot detective for the LAPD, married to fellow detective John Bennett.  Then her police car, part of … Continue reading Kate Myles

Jacob Singer

Created by George Baxt JACOB SINGER is a LAPD detective (later a Hollywood private eye) who wanders in and out of George Baxt’s "Murder Case" series, working the same celebrity-clogged streets of 1930s and 40s Hollywood as Stuart Kaminsky's Toby Peters. Dorothy Parker? Alfred Hitchcock? Greta Garbo? Humphrey Bogart? William Powell AND Myrna Loy Murder? … Continue reading Jacob Singer

Alack Sinner

Created by Carlos Sampayo and José Munoz Cue the warbling sax... In a stylish, impressionistic and highly influential comic strip, Argentinian-born New York gumshoe and former New York cop ALACK SINNER, cold, cynical, and with a face scarred by who-knows-what, is a brooding, obsessed man who hangs out at Joe’s Bar, a local watering hole. … Continue reading Alack Sinner

Mike Kellerman (Homicide: Life on the Street)

Homicide: Life on the Street TV developed for television by Paul AttanasioBased on the non-fiction book by David SimonKellerman character created by Tom Fontana "There's more cheating in Baltimore than there is Kodak film."-- Kellerman waxes philosophic One of the most unexpected P.I. dramas ever aired on television has to have been two episodes plopped … Continue reading Mike Kellerman (Homicide: Life on the Street)

Russell Quant

Created by Anthony Bidulka An unexpectedly amusing series that goes down surprisingly easy, thanks to Saskatoon private eye RUSSELL QUANT’s charmingly chatty, loosey goosey first-person narration, which he apparently got from his creator, Anthony Bidulka. The author describes Quant as “the first and only half-Ukranian, half-Irish, wine-swilling, world-travelling, wise-cracking, Prairie-dwelling, Canadian private eye being written … Continue reading Russell Quant

Nick Sharman

Created by Mark Timlin Pseudonyms include Jim Ballantyne, Tony Williams, Brian Ritterspak (1950—) Hard-boiled South London private eye NICK SHARMAN became something of a sensation in England. He and his creator, Mark Timlin, a little sand in the Vaseline of the cozy-loving tea and crumpet mysteries of the late 1980s, both on paper and in real … Continue reading Nick Sharman

Nate Ross

Created by J.R. Sanders It’s 1938, and if he had his druthers, Los Angeles-based gumshoe NATE ROSS would rather stay on his side of Vermont Avenue, and avoid Hollywood altogether. “As a rule, I avoided all dealings with movie studios. I preferred more reputable business, like pool halls and whorehouses." But a chance encounter with … Continue reading Nate Ross