Carole Trevor (The Old Towne Detective Agency)

Created by Judson P. Philips Other peuedonyms include Philip Owen, Hugh Pentecost (1903 – 1989)   Feisty, headstrong socialite CAROLE TREVOR  runs the Old Towne Detective Agency, given to her by her goofy but affable man-about-town ex-husband, wealthy New York socialite Maxwell Blythe. It was a parting gift after their divorce that he fully expected her to sell off—he gave … Continue reading Carole Trevor (The Old Towne Detective Agency)

George Seville, John Jericho, Arthur Hallam & Wu (The Park Avenue Hunt Club)

Created by Judson Philips Pseudonyms include Hugh Pentecost, Philip Owen (1903 – 1989) THE PARK AVENUE HUNT CLUB were a team of disparate millionaire adventurers, vigilantes, and amateur crime solvers; men of leisure with a weakness for black masks and bloody violence, whose thirty-seven action-packed stories and serials were published in Detective Fiction Weekly, Flynn’s Detective Fiction, … Continue reading George Seville, John Jericho, Arthur Hallam & Wu (The Park Avenue Hunt Club)

Alack Sinner

Created by Carlos Sampayo and José Munoz Cue the warbling sax... In a stylish, impressionistic and highly influential comic strip, Argentinian-born New York gumshoe and former New York cop ALACK SINNER, cold, cynical, and with a face scarred by who-knows-what, is a brooding, obsessed man who hangs out at Joe’s Bar, a local watering hole. … Continue reading Alack Sinner

Jon Sable

Created by Mike Grell "Jon Sable--big game hunter on the concrete jungle--I wish I was him." -- Gene Simmons, KISS Gee, Dr. Suess never carried a gun... Mike Grell's JON SABLE was a gun-for-hire who lived in New York City and seemingly had little problem kicking ass or blowing away the bad guys. Oh, and … Continue reading Jon Sable

Nick Ryan (Coleman)

Created by Reed Farrel Coleman He’s a cop, he’s not a cop. Or he is a cop, but don’t tell anyone... But when you’re one of the NYPD’s  boys in blue, and the shit hits the fan, NICK RYAN may be your only hope. When we meet him in his series launch, Sleepless City (2023), … Continue reading Nick Ryan (Coleman)

Johnny Killain

Created by Dan J. Marlowe (1914-87) JOHNNY KILLAIN is a "tough, but not inhuman" hotel dick/bell captain/night porter/bouncer and part-time detective working out of the Hotel Duarte in New York City who appeared in a spate of hard-charging Avon paperback originals by Dan J. Marlowe in the late fifties/early sixties. According to Josef Hoffmann in … Continue reading Johnny Killain

Gil Vine

Created by Stewart Sterling Pseudonym of Prentice Winchell (1895-1976) GIL VINE's a real smoothie, a real charmer, a sophisticate with an eye for the finer things in life, but he's not afraid to put the boot in if he has to. He's the fast-moving hotel security chief at New York's swanky Plaza Royale on Fifth … Continue reading Gil Vine

Marty Bond

Created by Ed Lacy Pseudonym of of Leonard S. Zinberg (1911-68) MARTY BOND was at one time a notorious "cop, judge, brute, and little god.” But all good things must come to an end, and when we meet in the standalone novel The Men From the Boys (1956), he's finally "retired" from the NYPD, and is … Continue reading Marty Bond

Oxel Kärnhus (The Creep)

Created by John Arcudi "Whoa... That is one ugly sucker." First introduced in the pages of Dark Horse Presents, comic book writer John Arcudi's The Creep is not just a wondrous continuation of the old defective detectives schtick of the 1940s crime pulps, but a moving (and sadly overlooked) addition to the P.I. genre itself. … Continue reading Oxel Kärnhus (The Creep)

Pete Fortunato

Created by Charles Salzberg “Nobody gets away with anything on my watch." Baseball-loving PETE FORTUNATO was a working class kid, half-Italian and half-Jewish, with a decent enough curveball and just enough of a fastball to earn a scholarship at a small upstate New York college before his arm gave out. He managed to hang on … Continue reading Pete Fortunato