Robyn McCall (The Equalizer)

Created by Michael Sloan & Richard LindheimDeveloped for television (2021) by Andrew W. Marlowe & Terri Edda Miller "Got a problem? Odds against you? I can help." All things being equal, the 20212 reboot of 1980's TV cult fave The Equalizer is a bit of a dud.  Not that my hopes were too high. The … Continue reading Robyn McCall (The Equalizer)

Brenna Spector

Created by Alison Gaylin "Honest to God, this whole place could benefit from a good, long liquid nitrogen bath." -- Brenna's evidently not a big fan of Las Vegas ."Hyperthymestic, that's what you are..." Certainly one of the most hyped books to cross my transom in the winter of 2011/12 was Alison Gaylin's And She Was, … Continue reading Brenna Spector

Clayton Guthrie & Rachel Vasquez

Created by Alaric Hunt "You're a smart girl. You'll figure it out..." --Clayton's ongoing advice to Rachel Put your disbelief in the back, Jack, and get ready for one helluva ride. Cuts Through Bone (2013) was one hard-boiled rip, heavy on Noo York colour, slam-bang action and a breezy, slang-filled style that wasn't afraid to … Continue reading Clayton Guthrie & Rachel Vasquez


Created by Andrew Vachss "I parked the cab at a hack stand, pulled my gym bag off the front seat and walked along until I found a bar that didn't have ferns in the windows." -- from Down Among the Zero Three things can immediately be said about BURKE. One, he is, as they say … Continue reading Burke

Barney Hamet

Created by Edward D. Hoch Pseudonymsinclude Stephen Dentinger, Ellery Queen, R.L. Stevens, Anthony Circus, R. E. Porter and Pat McMahon (1930-2008) It was so quiet you could hear a name drop... The Shattered Raven by Edward D. Hoch is a 1969 paperback original revolving around  a murder at the Mystery Writers of America's annual Edgar … Continue reading Barney Hamet

Pete Chambers

Created by Henry Kane Pseudonyms include Anthony McCall, Kenneth R. McKay & Mario J. Sagola (1918-88) PETER CHAMBERS is a swingin' kinda guy, who started life referring to himself as a "private richard" and ended up the head gumshoe in a handful of soft porn novels. What a dick! Originally, Pete was a man with … Continue reading Pete Chambers

Luke MacLane

Created by William ArdPseudonyms include Jonas Ward, Ben Kerr, Thomas Wills and Mike Moran(1922-1960) I was in the mood to read a vintage hardboiled paperback, and this is what came to hand. I'd never read any of William Ard's mysteries before, but years ago I read all the Westerns he wrote under the name Jonas Ward. … Continue reading Luke MacLane

Joe (You Were Never Really Here)

Created by Jonathan Ames A dark and disturbing character study dressed up in action flick clothes, You Were Never Really Here (2017) stars Joaquin Phoenix as JOE, an unstable former FBI agent and Marine, plagued by thoughts of suicide. He hunts down missing girls in the New York City area, but he's not some slick, handsome private eye … Continue reading Joe (You Were Never Really Here)

Ben Gates

Created by Robert KylePseudonym of Robert TerrallOther pseudonyms include John Gonzales, Brett Halliday(1914-2009) Apparently BEN GATES is "one of the few detectives in New York who can keep his mouth shut", although "nobody claims he's a saint." He appeared in five affably amusing PBO's printed by Dell in the late fifties/early sixties. The usual period … Continue reading Ben Gates

Harry Horne

Created by John Gonzales Pseudonym of Robert Terrall Other pseudonyms include Robert Kyle, Brett Halliday (1914-2009) Robert Terrall's probably best "known" for his Mike Shayne books that he was under the house name of Brett Halliday, or maybe his Ben Gates books that he wrote as Robert Kyle, but he also wrote four (or was it five?) … Continue reading Harry Horne