Jack Hagee

Created by C.J. Henderson Pseudonyms include Robert Morgan (1951-2014) "Hagee's Manhattan is the one the tourists don't get to see. It's those small twisty back streets in Chinatown, the reeking dumpster-filled alleys of midtown, the crumbling docks, the beer-drenched bars that stink of rotting foam and their patron's indifference. It is a lump of land … Continue reading Jack Hagee

Matt Cordell/Curt Cannon

Created by Evan Hunter/Ed McBain/Curt Cannon Né Salvatore Lombino Pseudonyms include Ed McBain, Evan Hunter, Hunt Collins, Richard Marsten, Ezra Hannon,John Abbott (1926 -2005) It's not the 87th Precinct but former private eye turned alcoholic skid-row bum CURT CANNON is a P.I. well worth the visit. Even in the Bowery, people have problems, and Cannon … Continue reading Matt Cordell/Curt Cannon

Gabriela Rose

Created by Janet Evanovch Please! New York City’s GABRIELA ROSE is not a private eye. She’s a "recovery agent.” Like Travis McGee isn’t a private eye—he’s a “salvage consultant." Right. Officially, Gabriela’s job is to “recover” treasures, knickknacks, heirlooms, assets, documents and other assorted items that have taken a powder. All for a fee, of … Continue reading Gabriela Rose

Mayk Hammer

Created by Mickey Spillane Re-created by  F. M. İkinci (pseudonym of Kemal Tahir), Muzaffer Ulukaya (pseudonym of Afif Yesari) and others. Say what? We all know that MIKE HAMMER, arguably the world’s most famous hard-boiled private eye and star of pretty much all media, was created by Mickey Spillane. But then Jay Dobis dropped a big … Continue reading Mayk Hammer

Watson & Holmes

Created by Karl Bollers and Rick Leonardi "No time for explanation, the game's afoot!" Ever wonder what would have happened if  Sherlock Holmes had been an inner city black dude? Me neither. But comic book scribe Karl Bollers did just that, and it was a pretty fun spin on the Great One. His HOLMES is … Continue reading Watson & Holmes

Steve Drake

Created by Richard Ellington (1914-80) "Broadway is my beat and murder is my business!" -- cover blurb from Shakedown Over the course of five novels and a few short stories, former actor and G.I. and current Broadway wisenheimer STEVE DRAKE finds that private investigation may not be the nicest work in the world, but "it's … Continue reading Steve Drake

Philip Macadam

Created by Hillary Waugh Pseudonyms include Elissa Grandower, H. Baldwin Taylor, Harry Walker.  (1920-2008) Best known for his police procedurals, Hillary Waugh also found the time to create a handful of memorable private eyes, including PHILIP MACADAM, a traditional NYC gumshoe who only makes one appearance, in 1958's The Girl Who Cried Wolf. In this … Continue reading Philip Macadam

Viviana Valentine

Created by Emily J. Edwards “I’ve been a Girl Friday for the best P.I. in the city for years, ya moron… You think I didn’t learn a thing or two?” Rough-and-tumble Tommy Fortuna is allegedly the best private eye in 1950s New York City, but it turns out VIVIANA VALENTINE, his spunky, long-time "Girl Friday" (her … Continue reading Viviana Valentine

Shep Stone

Created by Jeff Jacks An unlicensed New York private eye working the Greenwich Village area, SHEP STONE, only made two appearances, both in Fawcett Gold Medal paperback originals in the early seventies. According to Robert Randisi, these two hard-to-find novels are full of "great P.I. stuff with a wonderful New York atmosphere." In fact, in … Continue reading Shep Stone

Ray Wyatt

Created by Rick Mofina A new thriller by Mofina is always good news, but a new trilogy? Sign me up.  RAY WYATT is a seasoned reporter, one of the go-to guys for the First Press Alliance, a wire service based in Manhattan that covers the world, which is why Ray seems to always have his … Continue reading Ray Wyatt