Jason Chase

Created by Stephen Marlowe Pseudonym of Milton Lesser Other pseudonyms include Adam Chase, Andrew Frazer, Jason Ridgway, C.H. Thames, S.M. Teneshaw, Gerald Vance, Alexander Blade, Darius John Granger, Adam Chase, Stephen Wilder, Ellery Queen (1928–2008) “I made a considerable dent in the bourbon reserves of three bars. Maybe I couldn’t quite walk a straight line after that, … Continue reading Jason Chase

Tony Hunter

Created by Robert George Dean Pseudonyms include George Griswold (1904 - 1989)   Ace operative for the New York-based Schmidt Detective Agency, ANTHONY "TONY” HUNTER was a suitably hard-boiled, suitably hard-drinking and suitably flirtatious private eye with a suitably attractive receptionist and secretary, Irma, who appeared in ten novels in the thirties through the fifties. He … Continue reading Tony Hunter

Pat Thompson

Created by Robert George Dean Pseudonyms include George Griswold (1904-89) "So this is what comes of trying to drink a woman under the table. Just a sacrifice on the altar of insurance!” — Pat the morning after... Tucked away in the wrinkles and folds of the Shamus Game is this little rarity—a hard-boiled private eye … Continue reading Pat Thompson

Hal Darling

Created by Ed LacyPseudonym of Leonard S. ZinbergOther pseudonyms include Steve April, Russell Turner(1911-1968) "You private dicks are an insult to any real cop's guts!”— Lieutenant Hank Saltz Ed Lacy was already a prolific writer, having written and sold hundreds of articles and short stories to various magazines, and even had a few books under … Continue reading Hal Darling

Johnny Havoc

Created by John Jakes Pseudonyms include Alan Payne, Jay Scotland, Rachel Ann Payne and William Ard Care for a little cheese? JOHNNY HAVOC's main claim to fame is that he's short. In fact, at 5'1", he's got to be one of the shortest eyes around. But he sure doesn't let it get him down--he's a … Continue reading Johnny Havoc

Pete Shay

Created by Peter McCurtin Pseudonyms include Jack Slade, Gene Curry (1929-1997) PETE SHAY is a New York City private eye who appeared in two 1979 gritty paperback originals from Belmont Tower—Minnesota Strip and Loanshark. Given the publisher, it’s no surprise that Shay is cut from very familiar cloth. Divorced, an ex-cop (ex-MP in his case), … Continue reading Pete Shay

Tom “Duke” Martin

Created by Kenneth R. Hayles After nine or so turns as The Falcon (taking over the role from his brother George Sanders) and as the radio voice of The Saint, actor Tom Conway took another turn as a dashing and debonair gentleman detective, appearing in two decidedly B films as aging New York City private … Continue reading Tom “Duke” Martin

Red Diamond

Created by Mark Schorr Imagine if Robert Leslie Bellem had written Don Quixote... Once upon a time, there was a forty-something cab driver from Hicksville, Long Island by the name of SIMON JAFFEE. Now, Simon, well, his life wasn't going so well. He had a nagging wife that didn't understand him, a genius son that … Continue reading Red Diamond

El Ape & Deadbeat Sleeze (The Sleeze Brothers)

Created by John Carnell & Andy Lanning "There's an old private eye saying that goes like this 'Keep yer ears open, yer eyes peeled, yer nose clean and the rest of ya full of beer." CAN YOU imagine the bastard offspring of The Blues Brothers and Blade Runner in comic form? If you can, congratulations, … Continue reading El Ape & Deadbeat Sleeze (The Sleeze Brothers)

Bill “the Hook” Lockwood

Created by Brad Latham BILL "THE HOOK" LOCKWOOD, better known by the nickname he received in his boxing days for his hard-hitting left, is a high-living chief investigator for the Transatlantic Insurance Company out of New York City. He was the hero in a series that tried to stand out from the usual Men's Adventure … Continue reading Bill “the Hook” Lockwood