Teddy Fay

Created by Stuart Woods & Parnell Hall Former CIA operative, "master of disguise” and all-round shit magnet TEDDY FAY isn’t really a private eye—his official occupation is “movie producer”--but he's known as the kinda guy who can get things fixed, and isn’t exactly known for abiding by legal niceties in the pursuit of his own version of … Continue reading Teddy Fay

Stanley Hastings

Created by Parnell Hall "Not to disparage the work I do, but most of it requires no intelligence whatsoever.'' -- Stanley Hastings to a would-be client in Suspense. ...and now, for your consideration, your entertainment and your amusement, may we present... STANLEY HASTINGS, a P.I. as tough as his name! Our man Stan's a hopelessly … Continue reading Stanley Hastings

Stone Barrington

Created by Stuart Woods (1938-2022) Outspoken STONE BARRINGTON is the son of two rebellious parents who were disinherited by their own parents -- both wealthy western Massachusetts families in the textile business -- the father, because he was sympathetic to communist views and wanted to work with his hands; the mother, because she married his … Continue reading Stone Barrington