Dick Moonlight

Created by Vincent Zandri

Poor boy. A .22 caliber hollow-point bullet rattling around in his noggin (thanks to a botched suicide attempt) isn’t the only problem former Albany Police Department detective turned cash-starved private eye RICHARD “DICK” MOONLIGHT has, but it’s a biggie. As a result he suffers from scrambled memories, short term memory loss, jittery judgment and occasional blackouts plus the knowledge — when he remembers — that a sudden jolt could kill him instantly.

It apparently hasn’t affected this “head-case” detective’s sex life, though.

But persevere he does, and if he can survive a bullet bouncing around his skull, you gotta figure he can probably handle his assistant Fat Elvis (a professional Elvis impersonator), lying clients, werewolves, snuff film makers, a black leather coat that seems to be his chief (and only) fashion statement, and a resemblance to Bruce Willis.


The only thing more overheated than Vincent Zandri ‘s books may be his talent for BSP — everywhere I turn, I get the breathless hard sell, where he (or his “publicist”) isconstantly comparing him to Michael Connelly, Harlan Coben, Joe Landsdale, Charlie Huston, John D. MacDonald and Robert B. Parker — one book even sports the subtitle “A Gripping Hard-Boiled Mystery.” But it all seems to have worked out for Zandri — he claims he’s become a New York Times, USA Today, and “Amazon Overall No. 1 Thriller” bestseller, and has nabbed both Shamus (for Moonlight Weeps, a Dick Moonlight novel) and an ITW Thriller awards. Originally a reporter for New York Newsday and The Times-Union in Albany, New York and the holder of an MFA from Vermont College, he currently lives in upstate New York, where he’s churned out a slew of hard-charging, hard-boiled novels and short stories over the last twenty years or so for assorted publishers, including Delacorte, Dell, Down & Out Books, Thomas & Mercer, Polis Books and himself. Most feature tough guy detectives of one sort or another. Along the way he’s accumulated blurbs from Don Winslow, Harlan Coben, Dick Adler, Publishers Weekly, BookList, The Boston Herald, The San Diego Union-Tribune and The New York Post. He also has series about Chase Baker, a modern day “Renaissance Man” and Indiana Jones-style adventurer/private eye who lives in Florence, Italy; Jack Marconi, a former prison warden turned P.I.;  and Steve Jobz, an investigator for the New York State Department of Unemployment Insurance Fraud.



  • “Full Moonlight” (February 2014, digital) | Kindle it!
  • “Moonlight Breaks Bad” (October 2014, digital) | Kindle it!
  • “Dog Day Moonlight” (August 2016, digital) | Kindle it!
  • “Moonlight Gets Served” (January 2017, digital) | Kindle it!


Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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