Don Strachey

Created by Richard Stevenson Pseudonym of Richard Lipez (1938-2022) Albany, New York private peeper DON STRACHEY is openly gay, a younger (forty-something) more emotional, and slightly flakier persona than Joseph Hansen's middle-aged, controlled Dave Brandstetter. Where Dave is calm and collected, Don is flippant, sassy, sloppy, paranoid, compulsive, impulsive and prone to plots and plans. … Continue reading Don Strachey

John Thomas Ross

Created by Thomas Bunn (1944--) The copy on the dust jacket of Closet Bones (1977) mentions Sam Spade in referring to private detective JOHN THOMAS ROSS, but the resemblance is closer to Hammett’s other detective, the nameless Continental Op. Ross is paunchy, losing his hair and not getting any younger, but yet not easily waylaid … Continue reading John Thomas Ross

Dick Moonlight

Created by Vincent Zandri Poor boy. A .22 caliber hollow-point bullet rattling around in his noggin (thanks to a botched suicide attempt) isn't the only problem former Albany Police Department detective turned cash-starved private eye RICHARD "DICK" MOONLIGHT has, but it's a biggie. As a result he suffers from scrambled memories, short term memory loss, … Continue reading Dick Moonlight

Jack Marconi

Created by Vincent Zandri Now here's a former occupation you don't hear of often for private eyes. When we first meet him, in the rip-snorting, well-praised series debut, As Catch Can (1999), JACK MARCONI is a grieving widower whose nickname is "The Keeper." He earned that monicker from his time as the hard-nosed warden of … Continue reading Jack Marconi