Dick Moonlight

Created by Vincent Zandri Poor boy. A .22 caliber hollow-point bullet rattling around in his noggin (thanks to a botched suicide attempt) isn't the only problem former Albany Police Department detective turned cash-starved private eye RICHARD "DICK" MOONLIGHT has, but it's a biggie. As a result he suffers from scrambled memories, short term memory loss, … Continue reading Dick Moonlight

Jack Marconi

Created by Vincent Zandri Now here's a former occupation you don't hear of often for private eyes. When we first meet him, in the rip-snorting, well-praised series debut, As Catch Can (1999), JACK MARCONI is a grieving widower whose nickname is "The Keeper." He earned that monicker from his time as the hard-nosed warden of … Continue reading Jack Marconi