Dick Moonlight

Created by Vincent Zandri Poor boy. A .22 caliber hollow-point bullet rattling around in his noggin (thanks to a botched suicide attempt) isn't the only problem former Albany Police Department detective turned cash-starved private eye RICHARD "DICK" MOONLIGHT has, but it's a biggie. As a result he suffers from scrambled memories, short term memory loss, … Continue reading Dick Moonlight

Charlie Parker (Bonnolly)

Created by John Connolly "I have learned to embrace the dead and they, in their turn, have found a way to reach out to me." -- from The White Road Abandon Faith, ye who enter here... Guilt-ridden for drinking bourbon at a bar while his wife and young child were being murdered, CHARLIE "BIRD" PARKER … Continue reading Charlie Parker (Bonnolly)

Louis Kincaid

Created by P. J. Parrish Joint pseudonym of Kristy and Kelly Montee At first I was wondering why on earth the PWA nominated Paint It Black, featuring P.J. Parrish's 1980's series character, LOUIS KINCAID, for a Shamus. The Louis Kincaid I knew was a transplanted Detroit cop who journeyed back home to Black Pool, Mississippi … Continue reading Louis Kincaid

Jack O’Shea

Created by John Shepphird After a good long run fleecing suckers and relieving the gullible and greedy of their cash, a series of mishaps and a personal tragedy that left his beloved girlfriend Mona dead convinces JACK O'SHEA, con artist extraordinaire, that it's time to clean up his act. Well, more or less... He tells … Continue reading Jack O’Shea