Cork O’Connor

Created by William Kent Krueger

Go back, go back, go back to your woods…

Former Chicago cop CORCORAN “CORK” O’CONNOR has seen enough. Part Irish and part Anishanaabe Indian, all he craves is the peace and solitude of the north Minnesota woods outside of Aurora, Minnesota (population 3752).

Alas, folks just don’t seem willing to let him slip into an easy life of retirement. First his gig as the new sheriff goes belly up after a disagreement between local Indians and whites turns bad. Then his wife splits, taking along his three daughters. So he makes do running a rundown restaurant and gift shop, getting by on heavy doses of caffeine, nicotine, and guilt. But trouble never seems to leave him alone. Seems there’s always something…

Which is why, somewhat reluctantly, Cork begins to work as a part-time private investigator.

Good, suspenseful reads, with the characters, Cork in particular, well drawn and believable. Krueger cut his teeth on short stories, and it shows — he has an eye for the telling detail, and manages to make Cork a real, living breathing character. He may not be the most gung ho of private eyes, but when it comes to the crunch, he doesn’t shy away, either.


  • Iron Lake is an explosive brew: one part James Ellroy, one part Stephen King, one part Jack London, and all parts terrific. Krueger takes the reader on a harrowing, unpredictable journey into the heart of the forest primeval where evil not only waits for you, but calls your name. A truly remarkable first novel; read it with someone watching your back.”
    — David Housewright, creator of St. Paul private eye Holland Taylor



Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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