Nils Shapiro

Created by Matt Goldman

Minneapolis private eye NILS SHAPIRO used to be a cop. And a husband.

Now he’s neither. He’s getting by, coasting on being a smart-ass, but he’s still very much feeling the loss of both. Even though he knows he shouldn’t.

Yeah, it’s familiar territory for the shamus game, but author Matt Goldman breathes a little fresh air into the set up, sidestepping the usual moody, broodies of the detective for welcome blasts of snappy patter and unexpected humour (imagine the dour Lew Archer rewritten by early Harlan Coben), some sharp characterization, a nicely balanced mix of compassion and cynicism, and a setting that hasn’t been done to death. When he plows into the coldness of Minnesota winters, he means it, man. No Hollywood fake snow here — Goldman nails it.

Matt Goldman is s a stand-up comic, playwright, Emmy-winning TV writer (Seinfeld,Ellen) and New York Times bestselling author. His fiction debut, Gone to Dust, which introduced Nils, was nominated for both the Shamus and Nero Awards, and was a Lariat Adult Fiction Reading List selection. He lives in Minnesota.


  • “With his wry, observant eye and quick wit, plus a pressing need to follow the truth into dark, uncharted places, Shap is a more optimistic version of Ross MacDonald’s Lew Archer. Readers will look forward to his next investigative adventure.”
    — Publishers Weekly on Gone to Dust
  • “Goldman brings the heat with a moody and wry Midwest elegy. A modern, clever voice in these most cynical of times.”
    — Ace Atkins
  • “A perfect blend of light touch and dark story―I want more of Nils Shapiro.”
    — Lee Child


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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