The 2022 Shamus Awards

From the Private Eye Writers of America The winners of the 2022 Shamus Awards, for works published in 2021, were announced by PWA Awards Chairperson John Shepphird on August 4, 2022. The winners are in red. BEST PI HARDCOVER Family Business by S. J. Rozan (Lydia Chin/Bill Smith) Runner by Tracy Clark (Cass Raines) Last … Continue reading The 2022 Shamus Awards

The Hammer

Winners of The PWA Hammer Award The Hammer, first presented in 2007, goes to the character, not the author, for his/her contribution to, and longevity in the field. It's named after Mike Hammer, of course, who certainly made his mark, and so far, thanks to Max Allan Collins, has shown no sign of leaving... 2007 … Continue reading The Hammer

The Eye (The PWA Lifetime Achievement Award)

Winners of The PWA Lifetime Achievement Award The Eye, the Private Eye Writers of America's Lifetime Achievement award, was first presented in 1982. It isn't given out every year, but then again, they don't just bestow it on anyone... 1982Ross Macdonald 1983Mickey Spillane 1984William Campbell Gault 1985Howard Browne 1986Richard S. Prather 1987Bill Pronzini 1988Dennis Lynds, … Continue reading The Eye (The PWA Lifetime Achievement Award)

The 2021 Shamus Awards

From the Private Eye Writers of America The finalists for the 2021 Shamus Awards, for works published in 2020. The winners head each category, and are in brown. The lists below are in alphabetical order by author. BEST PI HARDCOVER Blind Vigil by Matt Coyle (Rick Cahill) What You Don’t See by Tracy Clark (Cass Raines) Do No Harm by … Continue reading The 2021 Shamus Awards

Private Eye Writers Of America Call for Submissions for 2021 Shamus Awards

For Works First Published in the U.S. in 2020 Following are the categories for the Private Eye Writers of America 2020 Shamus Awards for private eye novels and short stories first published in the United States in 2020.  The awards will be presented in the fall of 2021. DEADLINE Submissions must be postmarked by March 31, 2021. No extensions … Continue reading Private Eye Writers Of America Call for Submissions for 2021 Shamus Awards

Max Allan Collins

Pseudonyms include Patrick Culhane, Barbara Allan (1948--) Jack of all trades, and master of a ton of 'em. Iowa's MAX ALLAN COLLINS is a baby-boomer renaissance man in the crime and mystery genre. He's done comic strips, comic books, trading cards, short stories, novels, film, and even television novelizations. He's written hard-boiled, noir, cozies, horror, … Continue reading Max Allan Collins

Nick Delvecchio

Created by Robert J. Randisi (1951--) Classic P.I. fiction. With the works. Robert Randisi's hot dog-loving private eye NICK DELVECCHIO hails from Brooklyn. Sure, his buddies tell him things are greener on the other side of the river, but Nick keeps it real with an office on Sacket Street, just a short walk from the … Continue reading Nick Delvecchio

The 2020 Shamus Awards

From the Private Eye Writers of America The winners of the 2020 Shamus Awards, for works published in 2019, have just been announced. And sadly, there were no finalists in the Best First P.I. Novel category this year, due to a lack of eligible contestants, according to PWA Awards Chairperson Gay Kinman. The winners were announced … Continue reading The 2020 Shamus Awards

Chet Drum

Created by Stephen Marlowe Pseudonym of Milton Lesser Other pseudonyms include Adam Chase, Andrew Frazer, Jason Ridgway, C.H. Thames, S.M. Teneshaw, Gerald Vance, Alexander Blade, Darius John Granger, Adam Chase, Stephen Wilder, Ellery Queen (1928–2008) Stephen Marlowe wrote a quite popular, but now almost-forgotten series for Fawcett/Gold Medal about globe-trotting private eye, CHESTER "CHET" DRUM. It's a … Continue reading Chet Drum

Leo Haggerty

Created by Benjamin M. Schutz (1949-2008) One of the better post-Spenser P.I.'s out of the 1980s was LEO HAGGERTY, a Washington, D.C.-based private investigator with a mustache, a receding hairline à la Jack Nicholson, and enough little quirks to make him worth remembering. Like Spenser, he's a bit of a renaissance man, obsessed with the moral … Continue reading Leo Haggerty