Carole Trevor (The Old Towne Detective Agency)

Created by Judson P. Philips Other peuedonyms include Philip Owen, Hugh Pentecost (1903 – 1989)   Feisty, headstrong socialite CAROLE TREVOR  runs the Old Towne Detective Agency, given to her by her goofy but affable man-about-town ex-husband, wealthy New York socialite Maxwell Blythe. It was a parting gift after their divorce that he fully expected her to sell off—he gave … Continue reading Carole Trevor (The Old Towne Detective Agency)

Kate Myles

Created by Alex Kenna When we first meet her, in her Shamus-nominated debut, What Meets the Eye (2022), KATE MYLES is really up the junction. Two years ago, she was a happily married, a dedicated artist and a hot-shot detective for the LAPD, married to fellow detective John Bennett.  Then her police car, part of … Continue reading Kate Myles

Nick Ryan (Hutson)

Created by Shaun Hutson London gumshoe NICK RYAN is your average loser private eye. His wife and daughter have gone off to live with some rich bloke, he smokes too much, drinks too much, entertains rather violent thoughts, has terrible taste in music and he's a very sick man. When his daughter is kidnapped by … Continue reading Nick Ryan (Hutson)

Nick Sharman

Created by Mark Timlin Pseudonyms include Jim Ballantyne, Tony Williams, Brian Ritterspak (1950—) Hard-boiled South London private eye NICK SHARMAN became something of a sensation in England. He and his creator, Mark Timlin, a little sand in the Vaseline of the cozy-loving tea and crumpet mysteries of the late 1980s, both on paper and in real … Continue reading Nick Sharman

Cassie Holland (Cassie & Co.)

Created by Nigel McKeand, Abram S. Ginnes & Howard Berk By the early eighties, most of the Rat Pack and its various hanger-ons were starting to show their age, but they still had enough industrial clout and retro cool to have various projects green-lit on their names alone. That seems to be the case with … Continue reading Cassie Holland (Cassie & Co.)

Harry James Denton

Created by Steven Womack "That's 'Doctor Babe' to you." - Marsha advises Harry on the proper way to address her Former newspaperman HARRY JAMES DENTON is a Nashville cat who now makes his daily bread as a low-rent Nashville P.I., picking up whatever crumbs he can, be it repo work, workmen's comp fraud cases or other … Continue reading Harry James Denton

J.T. Spanner

Created by Thomas Chastain  High-flying New York private eye J. T. SPANNER drives a T-Bird, and has two ex-wives on the payroll. The dude must have charm to burn. He stars in two suspense-filled novels, Pandora's Box (1974) and Vital Statistics (1977), that spotlighted his private investigative skills and what John Conquest in Trouble is Their Business calls "bizarre … Continue reading J.T. Spanner

Bill Dekker (Cheaper To Keep Her)

Created by Timothy Harris  and Herschel Weingrod  "A love story about womens' rights... and lefts." -- the tagline that says it all Cheaper To Keep Her was a smirky 1980 romantic comedy  with good ol' boy singer/songwriter Mac Davis as a good ol' boy skirt-chasing private eye BILL DEKKER, who's hired by a hard-nosed and … Continue reading Bill Dekker (Cheaper To Keep Her)

Jack Levine

Created by Andrew Bergman(1945--) "Private dicks aren't known for being great abstract thinkers, Miss Lane, but we can get around town without a map."-- Jack tries to reassure a client in The Big Kiss-Off of 1944    One of the first, and still one of the very best retro eyes, predating both Nate Heller and Toby … Continue reading Jack Levine

Dave Garrett

Created by Neil Albert DAVE GARRETT at first seems like just another cookie cutter eye. A disbarred lawyer? Now working as a Philadelphia private eye, not exactly setting the world on fire?A Vietnam vet suffering from PSTD? Aren't they all? Okay. I think we've been here before. But that doesn't take into account the writing here, … Continue reading Dave Garrett