Lee Nace “The Blond Adder”

Created by Lester Dent (1905-1959) Pipe-smoking New York City private eye LEE COURTNEY NACE, aka "THE BLOND ADDER," was yet another of Lester Dent's gadget-loving detectives, out to save us from meteors, poisonous green skeletons, exploding bodies and all sorts of weird menace shit. But fear not! Like many a Dent hero, Lee is annoyingly brilliant … Continue reading Lee Nace “The Blond Adder”

Oscar Sail

Created by Lester Dent (1905-1959) When not busy churning out most of the 181 Doc Savage adventures under the Kenneth Robeson pseudonym, prolific pulpster Lester Dent could produce wild and wacky hard-boiled dicks with the best of them, including Lynn Lash, Lee Nace (The Blond Adder), Foster Fade (The Crime Spectacularist)  and Click Rush (The Gadget Man). … Continue reading Oscar Sail