Harold “Shill” Shillman (One Shoe Makes It Murder)

Created by Eric Bercovici Some P.I.'s are thick-headed, and some are pretty down on their luck, but alcoholic, divorced, impotent sad sack ex-cop¬†HAROLD "SHILL" SHILLMAN may take the cake. In his only appearance in print, So Little Cause For Caroline (1980), he not only tries to take his own life with a gun, but the … Continue reading Harold “Shill” Shillman (One Shoe Makes It Murder)

Owen McKenna

Created by Todd Borg A former San Francisco homicide dick,¬†OWEN McKENNA quit the police department after a personal tragedy and moved into a tiny log cabin up in the mountains, overlooking Lake Tahoe. He's hung out a shingle as a private detective and works out of a rented office space on Kingsbury Grade on the … Continue reading Owen McKenna