Dakota North

Created by Martha Thomases Red-headed former fashion model turned private eye DAKOTA NORTH originally ran a New York-based international troubleshooting agency, North Security, in the short-lived Marvel comic book from the eighties that bore her name. Alas, the inspiration seemed to be more Charlie's Angels than Ms. Tree. Still, Ms. North seemed to be doing … Continue reading Dakota North

Kate Bishop (Hawkeye)

Created by Allan Heinberg and Jim Cheung P.I. version developed by Kelly Thompson Original "Hawkeye" created by Stan Lee and Don Heck "Ugh. Barf." -- Kate reacts to a stalker's claim that he's in love with his victim. In the ca-ching-ca-ching world of Marvel and DC superheroes, a character's back story is forever malleable, vulnerable … Continue reading Kate Bishop (Hawkeye)

Jessica Jones

Created Brian Michael Bendis "My greatest weakness is occasionally I give a damn." It's a big leap, going from saving the world -- or at least trying to -- on a regular basis to getting the goods on some middle-aged hubby bopping the babysitter, but it's one JESSICA JONES, former super-hero turned New York City … Continue reading Jessica Jones