Mike Lantry

Created by Mike Lantry House pseudonym, used by E.C. Tubb & A.A. Glynn MIKE LANTRY is the tough, hard-bitten, founder and chief of  New York-based World Wide Investigations, the world's largest detective agency, who slugged his way through at least two novels written in the first person by... Mike Lantry himself, evidently a house pseudonym … Continue reading Mike Lantry

Jim Steele

Created by Dana Chambers Pseudonym of Albert Leffingwell; other pseuds include Giles Jackson (1895-1946) Who is this bozo? Judging from the eyeball-rolling monicker and the great pulp-style illos on the American mass market paperback editions, full of guns, booze and babes, you'd certainly be forgiven if you thought JIM STEELE was some two-fisted brawling tough … Continue reading Jim Steele

Jimmy Adams/Jimmy Lee

Created by A. Boyd Correll (1907-85) So, I get letters like this sometimes: Dear Mr. Smith, Weirdly enough, this morning I discovered a PI not on your list - and probably not worth adding! His name's Jimmy Adams, and he appeared in a novelette titled "An Item of Murder" in Street & Smith's Detective Story … Continue reading Jimmy Adams/Jimmy Lee