Rick and A.J. Simon (Simon & Simon)

Created by Philip DeGuere Ever wonder what would happen if the HARDY BOYS grew up? At least a little bit? Squabbling siblings and San Diego private eye brothers RICK and ANDREW JACKSON "A.J."  SIMON attempted to answer that question every week for seven seasons on Simon & Simon, one of the eighties' more popular detective … Continue reading Rick and A.J. Simon (Simon & Simon)

Thomas Magnum

Created by Donald P. Bellisario and Glen A. Larson I just don't get it. Never has such a so-so figure had such a large impact on a genre as the MAGNUM, P.I. television show. A watered-down and beefcaked up Rockford Files wannabe,utilising Hawaii 5-O's discarded props, it was created as a vehicle for then-rising star (and … Continue reading Thomas Magnum