Harry Rigby

Created by Declan Burke "Cheers. Who the fuck are you?"-- Harry flashes some of his famous charm FUCKIN' A. HARRY RIGBY might not be a private eye per se, but he sure as hell acts like one. A particularly inept one from the detective pulps of the forties, maybe. But Harry drinks like a fish, … Continue reading Harry Rigby

Harry Dobbs & Stella Wynkowski (Love at Large)

"The one who is in love always waits. It's the lover's signature." -- Stella offers Harry a bit of wisdom from The Love Manual Tom Berenger is HARRY DOBBS, a wonderfully befuddled, rumpled, but earnest private eye with an extremely jealous girlfriend. He's hired by a mysterious femme fatale, Miss Dolan, to tail her possibly … Continue reading Harry Dobbs & Stella Wynkowski (Love at Large)

Trixie Zurbo (Trixie)

Created by Alan Rudolph "She's dead now. She's never gonna be the same again." Back in 1990, cult writer/director (and Robert Altman protegée)  Alan Rudolph scored big with Love at Large, a quirky but charming screwball noir meditation on love, the games people play, and old detective films. It featured Tom Berenger and Elizabeth Perkins … Continue reading Trixie Zurbo (Trixie)

Max Latin

Created by Norbert Davis (1909-49) Guiterrez came out of the kitchen in a cloud of steam and slapped the heavy metal swing door violently shut behind him. He was a tall man with a dark, bitterly disillusioned face. He was wearing a white jacket and a white apron, and he had a chef's hat crushed … Continue reading Max Latin

Ira Wells (The Late Show)

Created by Robert Benton “If you lay a hand on me, I’m telling you, you’re going to pay for it in your next life.” -- Margo threatens a thug Robert Benton's The Late Show (1977) is simply a great private eye flick -- part-parody, part-tribute and a full-blown proud addition to the whole genre.back-and-forth IRA … Continue reading Ira Wells (The Late Show)