Gail and Dwight “Di” Berke

Created by Carl G. Hodges (1902-64) Sports editor of The Journal, DWIGHT "DI" BERKE could always be counted on to dig into the crimonious aspects of sports, be it horse racing, bowling or whatever. Fortunately his wife (and photog for the same rag) GAIL BERKE, armed with "her four-by-five Grafix slung over her tailored shoulder," … Continue reading Gail and Dwight “Di” Berke

Johnny Castle

Created by C.S. Montanye (1892-1948) Don't believe the title of the only collection to feature his stories -- JOHNNY CASTLE was not a P.I. Nope, he was a sports writer. But he sure acted like a gumshoe (or at least to be included on this site). And a pretty tough one at that. No matter … Continue reading Johnny Castle