Kiddie Pulp, Part II

Portrait of the Detective as a Young Sleuth Perhaps realizing how popular mysteries are with young readers, a few P.I. writers have jumped on the bandwagon with stories aimed at the children's and YA markets, sometimes writing of their grown-up detectives making their way through the world as children and young adults or, in Harlan … Continue reading Kiddie Pulp, Part II

Ace Mifflin

Created by Ted Slampyak "Private eyin's what I do. It's a dirty job. That's why I like it." He ain't scuzzy--he's just drawn that way. Here's another private eye spawned during the 1980's comic book/graphic novel boom/renaissance. In the "jazz age" of 1926 Boston, ALEXANDER C. "ACE" MIFFLIN is a scruffy private detective who appeared … Continue reading Ace Mifflin