Lafayette Muldoon

Created by William Brengle
Pseudonym of Howard Browne

LAFAYETTE MULDOON is the troubleshooter for a real estate company who appeared in several short stories by William Brengle (actually Howard Browne of Paul Pine fame). He’s a smartass and a ladies man, but I still wouldn’t call him hard-boiled. He’s kind of a younger, single version of Nick Charles.

The Muldoon stories all appeared originally in the old Mammoth Detective pulp, and were later rounded up in Incredible Ink, a 1997 collection of Browne stories, published by Dennis McMillan in 1997.

Besides penning the classic Thin Air and the Pine novels, Browne also found time to pen several stories about another less than hard-boiled snoop, department store dick Wilbur Peddie.


  • “Tavern in the Town” (November 1943, Mammoth Detective)
  • “Violence for Madame” (February 1944, Mammoth Detective)
  • “This Will Kill You” (May 1944, Mammoth Detective)
  • “Why Pick on Me?” (February 1945, Mammoth Detective)
  • “The Buddha Said Boo” (November 1945, Mammoth Detective)
Respectfully submitted by our man in D.C., Mark Sullivan.

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