Jane Yeats

Created by Liz Brady

“I didn’t have my life threatened. I merely had the shit beaten out of me.”
— Jane. One tough cookie in Sudden Blow

Toronto’s bad girl dick JANE YEATS may smoke too much and drink too much beer and may even get a little mouthy at times, but she’s more than just a thug in a bra with the “heart of a biker” and the “soul of a slut” . She’s a full-fledged journalist spoecializing in true crime who’ll do what it takes to get the story.

But whatever you do, don’t try to get between her and a scoop.

She’s still grieving the murder (unsolved) of her fiancé Pete several years earlier when we first meet her in Sudden Blow (1998), but she’s definitely no nebbishy pushover. She may walk softly and have a “casual disregard for fashion,” but she has a big dog (Max!) and she rides a Harley. So, yeah–she smokes, she drinks, she probably even dances the hoochie koo.

But she’s just another loner P.I. with bad personal habits–she’s got family and friends: Her mother, Etta, runs a country and western dive bar, and Jane’s best friend Silver is a large Canadian-Indian who lives large and is a successful lawyer.


Liz Brady, an editor for over twenty years, has a Ph.D. in Virginia Woolf from the University of London. She is the author of Tintype and Marian Engel and Her Works. She won the Arthur Ellis Award (back when it was allowed to be called that) for her first mystery, Sudden Blow (1998). She is currently at work on her next Jane Yeats novel and a non-fiction work on women writers and alcohol. Apart from the fact that they both live in Toronto, Liz Brady and Jane refuse to divulge which attributes they shares.


  • “Jane is a tough cookie, smart, funny, acerbic, and bang-on in her assessments of the low-lifes and high-rollers she meets as she cracks the case.”
    — Jill Edmondson


  • Newcastle Brown Ale



Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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