Pete Fortunato

Created by Charles Salzberg “Nobody gets away with anything on my watch." Baseball-loving PETE FORTUNATO was a working class kid, half-Italian and half-Jewish, with a decent enough curveball and just enough of a fastball to earn a scholarship at a small upstate New York college before his arm gave out. He managed to hang on … Continue reading Pete Fortunato

Mitch Roberts

Created by Gaylord Dold (1947-2018) Brooding MITCH ROBERTS is the hero of one of the best--and most criminally overlooked--private eye series of the 1980's. The first six books in the series were all paperback originals, the first put out by Avon, the next five by Ivy Books,  that seemed to have vanished with barely a trace. … Continue reading Mitch Roberts

“Slots” Resnick

Created by Michael Geller (1947--) Former shortstop "SLOTS" RESNICK never quite made it to the Show--the furthest he ever got was a farm club. His career as a NYPD homicide dick grounded out as well, so he makes do as a private eye, in this baseball-themed trilogy by sportswriter Geller. Slots is affable enough, a half-Jewish, … Continue reading “Slots” Resnick

Joseph Burke

Created by Robert B. Parker (1932-2010) The creator of Spenser just couldn't seem to keep his paws off the past. His occasional forays into the past, including his fresh stab at the legend of Wyatt Earp (2001's Gunman's Rhapsody) and his period-piece dabblings with Chandler's Marlowe (Poodle Springs and Perchance To Dream) had been generally … Continue reading Joseph Burke

Max Klein

Created by Paul Benjamin (pseud. of Paul Auster) "I had come to the limit of myself, and there was nothing left." Once upon a time Paul Auster, the high-falutin' literary author of The New York Trilogy, a three-part philosophical and literary tour-de-force, was once grounded enough to write a simple, meat-and-potatoes P.I. novel paperback original. Mind … Continue reading Max Klein