Nikki Griffin

Created by S.A. Lelchuk So now we have NIKKI GRIFFIN, cast by some as the perfect vigilante hero for the #metoo age. Save Me from Dangerous Men, her powerful debut, is a ballsy mashup of agitprop and vengeance porn; a cautionary tale (or thrill read) full of sadistic, abusive men (Boo! Hiss!) and a violent, … Continue reading Nikki Griffin

Jeri Howard

Created by Janet Dawson One of the better (and one of my favourite) of the new breed of female P.I.s following the eighties boom, was Berkeley's (later, Oakland's)┬áJERI HOWARD, a former paralegal who worked the Bay Area. Initially I was a little dubious. Was this going to be an amateur sleuth soap opera, dressed up … Continue reading Jeri Howard