The Eyes of Southeast Asia

  Vincent "Vinee" Calvino by Christopher G. Moore (Bangkok, Thailand) Sam Callaghan by Paul Barron & Peter Andrikidis (Serangoon Road) (Singapore) Sebastian "Bass" Damon by Christopher R. Cox (Bangkok, Thailand; originally Boston, MA.) Jayne Keeney by Angela Savage (Bangkok, Thailand) Ladarat Patalung by David Cassaret (Chiang Mai, Thailand) Max Quinlan by Andrew Nette Poke Rafferty … Continue reading The Eyes of Southeast Asia

Gopher State Gumshoes

Minnesota Eyes Augie Boyer by Bart Schneider (Minneapolis/St.Paul) Martin McDonough by Bruce Rubenstein (St. Paul) Rushmore "Mac" McKenzie by David Housewright (St.Paul) Guy Noir by Garrison Keillor (St. Paul) Nathan Phillips & Roy Hartley by Nick O'Donohoe (Minneapolis) Cork O'Connor by William Kent Krueger (Aurora) Peggy O'Neil by M.D. Lake (University of Minnesota) Gun Pededsen … Continue reading Gopher State Gumshoes