Verge (Subgenre)

Created by Matt Kindt What the hell? First time we meet this VERGE guy in the 2023 comic mini-0series, Subgenre, he’s some kinda hard-boiled private dick living in a not-too-distant high-tech future with Ray, a Siri-like virtual assistant hovering around his head like some cyber Tinkerbell, warning him there’s someone trying to break into his … Continue reading Verge (Subgenre)

Jenner Faulds (Fairlady)

Created by Brian Schirmer Every fantasy epic ends with a war. But what happens when the war is over? All set for a female comic book private eye in an ongoing fantasy series that pitches itself as “Magnum P.I.  meets Fables”? That's the concept behind Fairlady, a 2019 Image Comics fantasy offering. The war is … Continue reading Jenner Faulds (Fairlady)

Carter Mason

Created by Vernon Henkel CARTER MASON is another of those one-shot wonders who popped up in a comic book story once, never to be seen again. In his one appearance, "Mr In-Between," a story in the October 1946 (and only) issue of A-1 Comics, a comic anthology, we're told that "They call him Mr. In-Between because he's … Continue reading Carter Mason

P.J. Colt

P.J. COLT was one of those one-hit wonders who popped up in a comic book story once, and was never heard from again. Although in this case, it was more like a one-shot meh... In his one and only appearance, an untitled story in the Winter 1945 issue of Conqueror Comics, he's head operative for Trouble, … Continue reading P.J. Colt