Jenner Faulds (Fairlady)

Created by Brian Schirmer Every fantasy epic ends with a war. But what happens when the war is over? All set for a female comic book private eye in an ongoing fantasy series that pitches itself as “Magnum P.I.  meets Fables”? That's the concept behind Fairlady, a 2019 Image Comics fantasy offering. The war is … Continue reading Jenner Faulds (Fairlady)

Carter Mason

Created by Vernon Henkel CARTER MASON is another of those one-shot wonders who popped up in a comic book story once, never to be seen again. In his one appearance, "Mr In-Between," a story in the October 1946 (and only) issue of A-1 Comics, a comic anthology, we're told that "They call him Mr. In-Between because he's … Continue reading Carter Mason

P.J. Colt

P.J. COLT was one of those one-hit wonders who popped up in a comic book story once, and was never heard from again. In his one and only appearance, an untitled story in the Winter 1945 issue of Conqueror Comics, he's head operative for Trouble, Inc. Investigations, an agency that employs at least one secretary and … Continue reading P.J. Colt