Wilson (Hall)

Created by David C. Hall (1943–) “There was nothing to think about, it was just a matter of keeping on, and there was nowhere to go but straight. Eventually she would get tired. Everybody gets tired, everybody makes mistakes. Which was why, Wilson thought,  you didn’t have to be very smart to do his job." … Continue reading Wilson (Hall)

Skylar Drake

Created by Janet Elizabeth Lynn & Will Zeilinger SoCal in the mid-1950s, and everyone’s having fun fun fun, even if nobody’s even heard of The Beach Boys. Yet. It’s not all fun, fun, fun, though, and that's what keeps former LAPD detective and Korean war vet SKYLAR DRAKE going. When we first meet him, in Slivers of … Continue reading Skylar Drake

Ronni Brilliant (The Chimera Chronicles)

Created by Rob Jung Pseudonym of Robert Junghans Author Rob Jung collaborated with writer and activist Ellie Krug on his 2021 novel The Sower,  the second book in his Chimera Chronicles trilogy, in which he introduced transgender private eye VERONICA “RONNI” BRILLIANT. A post-op ex-Marine still struggling with her own sexuality, she and her colleagues at … Continue reading Ronni Brilliant (The Chimera Chronicles)

Vivian Marlow

Created by Lori Armstrong Pseudonyms include Lorelei James In 2023, it may seem a little odd to come across a short story  referring to private investigation as "No Place for a Dame,” since we’re not exactly bereft of female gumshoes these days, but since the story’s set in 1942, so I guess we can cut it … Continue reading Vivian Marlow

Katie Hassworth

Created by Dorothy Francis It’s a hell of a way to become a private eye. KATIE HASSWORTH was an English teacher in Miami who resigned after a school shooting (back when it wasn’t a regular occurrence), in which she was wounded a few years ago. Seems a student with some serious “issues” brought a gun … Continue reading Katie Hassworth

Tug Norton

Created by Edward Parrish Ware (1883–1949) Private dick. Cowboy. Raconteur. Philosopher. Edward Parrish Ware’s TUG NORTON was all those things. He was the star of over forty short stories and novelettes in the pages of of the pulps (mostly Flynn’s Detective Weekly, but also Dime Detective) from 1926 until 1934. Each of the stories is narrated … Continue reading Tug Norton

Morgana Musgrove

Created by George Dawes Green “There are too many live oaks dripping with too much Spanish moss..." Come for the Spanish moss, stay for the book? The quote that kicks off this page comes from young Black bartender, Jaq, who’s trying to video a crime scene for her MFA application project. She’s just one of … Continue reading Morgana Musgrove

Charlie Mack

Created by Cheryl A. Head CHARLENE "CHARLIE" MACK is a Black private eye from Detroit, and Boy! Is she ever! She's covers that beleaguered city better than anyone this side of Loren Estleman's Amos Walker. And just in case it slips your mind, the series is billed as "The Charlie Mack Motown Mysteries." So don't … Continue reading Charlie Mack

Rocky Steele

Created by John B. West (1905-60) Perhaps not surprisingly, ALOYSIUS ALGERNON STEELE prefers to be called "ROCKY." Can you really blame him? After all, neither Aloysius nor Algernon is the kinda monicker any self-respecting hard-boiled P.I. wants to go by. And as a Lucky-smoking, cognac-swigging, ex-boxer and former commando (he saw action in the Pacific … Continue reading Rocky Steele

Bryce Patch

Created by Bill S. Ballinger Pseudonyms include B.S. Sanborn and Frederic Fryer (1912-1980) From the blurb: "A real sock-it-to-'em mystery about Private Eye BRYCE PATCH and his two cases--one to find the killer of an old friend and the other commissioned in the queen-sized bed of an ex-show girl looking for her ex-husband." A relatively … Continue reading Bryce Patch