Those ’70s Shows

It was while I was first compiling the site's ¬†chronological listing of movies that the realization came to me that the seventies were a very good decade indeed for the private eye film. You could easily argue that the "Golden Age of P.I. Flicks" was the forties and at least the first half of the … Continue reading Those ’70s Shows

Frank Corso

Created by Frederick Zackel "Her skirt was shorter than her hair." ¬†Once upon a time, FRANK CORSO was a scruffy, bar-hopping San Francisco private eye, rough around all the edges. Then he met a rich girl, got her pregnant, and married her. Against the wishes of her powerful, well-connected and very disapproving family. A son, … Continue reading Frank Corso

Frank Pasnow

Created by Frederick Zackel "Nothing good happens after three a.m...." In his one appearance to date, 2010's Tough Town Cold City, "young, handsome and burly" San Francisco detective ("a relatively ordinary private eye," according to his creator),¬†FRANK PASNOW feels obliged to look into the savage murder of an old friend -- and to see that … Continue reading Frank Pasnow

Michael Brennen

Created by Fred Zackel "Playing detective is like being a gravedigger. There's always dirt to be dug up, people willing to pay to have it dug up. But what kind of a man wants to spend his life scrounging for human rot six feet underground?" -- Brennen in Cocaine and Blue Eyes Middle-aged San Francisco … Continue reading Michael Brennen